AnDevCon Boston 2015

29 - 31 Jul. 2015
Events on mobile app development
Events on mobile application development
Keeping pace, we have attended one of the brightest events in Android world – AnDevCon Boston 2015. Hanging out with Android-world citizen was something extraordinary. Organizers and participants did their best to provide informative and inspiring keynote presentations, technical sessions, hands-on workshops and enlightening talks. Don’t miss AnDevCon in Santa Clara in December.

Develop Conference in Brighton 2015

14-16 Jul. 2015
Events on mobile app development companies
Events on mobile app developers
Game-focused conference in Brighton with lots of energy and enthusiasm among participants. What is the greatest thing about such conferences is catching up with people and keeping up to date with what's going on in the games industry. Besides, it always refreshes: you listen to someone talk about their experiences, you get inspired, you head back and you work much better.

Learn Mobile Development - Kansas City (The Disruption Institute)

18 May 2015
Events on app developers
Events on mobile app development companies
Mobile Development Conference from Disruption Institute – was a neat mobile developer code bootcamp in Kansas City. Fresh minds engaging in app development can provide a pure break-through! The organizers have managed to create a space of exchanging experience, ideas and enthusiasm between developers of all levels.

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