Mobile Game Development

Although mobile game development is a relatively new field, it is growing fast introducing new advanced technologies. A modern game has no longer anything in common with an old-school Nokia Snake. Every mobile game comes as a superior product for portable devices powered by various mobile platforms. Leading game developers implement new technologies and various great features to exceed the expectations of demanding users. Jatapp is one of such development companies. We use some of the latest advances and innovations to create exciting applications featuring exceptional visual and sound effect. Satisfying the needs of users may appear to be not as easy as it seems with so many mobile game genres. They may range from 3D shooters to arcades and adventures shooting crowds of zombies and tossing birds. Mobile game building offers numerous possibilities in addition to hardware improvements and modifications.
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Mobile Game Development Process

Jatapp is a full-scale development company. We have worked out and implemented an efficient game development process that includes various stages. It all starts with a detailed research. Our main mission is to determine the best style for your particular application making it flawless for the end user. The main mission is to build a product that will grab the attention of the audience. The slightest detail is of great importance starting from sound and visual effects to gameplay and design.
We take pride in our pool of professional designers, software developers and testers. They try their best to exclude any possible bugs. Your app will run smoothly brining tons of fun to users. It will eventually result in thousands of downloads and huge revenues.

Choosing the Right Software

The development process should have its own structure. Choosing the right software is a key stage in creating an award-winning game. Several packages are available for developers in accordance with the mobile platform. Using a powerful engine is the best bet, as it will let you build 2D and 3D games. We operate with some of the best software packages available on the market. They include: Unity, Unreal Engine, Monkey X, Construct 2 and more.
Sometimes a game development process may call for several applications at the same time to create and implement all desired assets. They may be used separately as well. We also deal with such tough tasks as cross development. Modern strategies and efficient tools let us bring to life the most dare and complicated mobile games. Whenever you have a brilliant idea for a mobile game, Jatapp professionals will let it debut at the App Store sensationally.
Navigating the mobile app marketplace can be confusing, but that’s why we take care of all your marketing needs for you! Unlike other companies, we make sure your game is receiving ongoing downloads long after we finish development. By keeping up with the latest mobile gaming and app trends and user preferences, we can successfully run burst campaigns that produce chart-topping downloads.
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Mobile Game Promotion and Management

We have a team of passionate and devoted managers. Their mission is to provide smooth and accurate running for your app. Our experts will detect and eliminate any bug making your product flawless. The main goal is to deliver the best users’ experience. All customers will benefit from friendly and experienced managers who are always ready to lend a hand whatever the question is. We proceed with regular updates and modifications.
Jatapp meets all your marketing needs. We implement the most efficient marketing strategies and ideas enabling numerous downloads and high rate of users’ impressions. Your product will soon be in the A-list of some best gaming applications following the latest trends in the niche. Contact us for more information and launch your successful project right now!

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