Guide to Hire iOS Developers: Salaries, Skills, and Responsibilities

When you decide to develop an application, you have two options to choose from: iOS or Android platforms. While the latter has great potential and attracts many developers, iOS apps have a leading position in the mobile app market. The developers choose this platform due to incredible opportunities and ease of creating process. It is possible to build a fantastic product for less money and in a shorter period of time. With provided potential, iOS developers can create applications that will boast impressive UI and UX designs across all iOS platforms.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find and hire an app developer of high expertise. Most of them are hired straight from college. That’s why if your business requires a good specialist, then you will have to apply much effort to build a strong team. This step-by-step guide will help you hire iPhone app developer and design the desired product that will leave the competitors behind.

iOS developer roles and responsibilities

Most people do not actually realize the full scope of different responsibilities that every iOS developer is expected to perform.  This scope doesn’t include only writing code for a future application. The developers participate in every stage of creating the product: from its planning, designing UI building, wireframing screens, etc.) to testing and presenting the application in the App Store. Simply put, iPhone app developers turn a draft into a full-functioned product.

One of the most significant aspects that you should mind while seeking the best candidate is design awareness.  Good specialists are not only building the product; they aim to deliver the best possible experience to the end-users. That’s why you should discover more about the experience of working with UX/UI design and their key principles, knowledge of Swift or other relevant languages. The skills and, therefore, requirements vary depending on the type of specialist. You should be aware of them to understand what expert you are looking for.

Junior, middle, and senior iOS developers

In general, the working experience is an important factor in identifying the developer’s versatility.  In other words, the ability to solve diverse and complex tech issues is based on the number of projects that a developer has prepared. This number also impacts Android app developer salary. All programmer’s skills are divided into three levels:

  • Junior. It is the entry-level of iOS specialists. In companies, such entry-level iOS developers usually work in a team with more experienced colleagues to gain new knowledge, skills and boost their expertise. Usually, the specialist needs a few years to level up.
  • Middle. After ending plenty of complex projects, developers move to the next level. Middle-level iOS developers have more freedom while working on a project.
  • Senior. Senior iOS developer salary is the highest. Such specialists are experienced and can boast a variety of designed and released applications. Usually, senior developers are involved in all stages of creating the product: from writing a code to testing, adjusting security, and integrating APIs.

Knowing what experience and skills a definite expert have, you can better understand who you need when you decide to hire iOS developer. The available budget is one of the key factors that you should consider. The salaries for specialists of different levels vary dramatically. Another thing that should be minded is project complexity. It is evident that entry-level employees will not cope with a large, complicated product. Hence only middle or even senior iOS developer freelance or outsourcing is required.

iOS developer skill set

While hiring app developers, you should pay attention to the technical skills as every project requires a specialist with a definite set of skills. However, in general, it looks like this:

  • Understanding the standard of UX and UI design
  • Xcode IDE knowledge
  • Core Data framework knowledge
  • Experience of working OpenGL or Metal
  • Advanced expertise in Git or other code versioning tools
  • Understanding RESTful APIs
  • Expertise in Objective-C or Swift programming language
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines knowledge
  • Skills of working with UIKit, Cocoa Touch, or other APIs

iOS developer salary rates

The app developer salary is one of the crucial factors for most customers. The hourly rate varies depending on the hiring option you select, the region, and whether you are interested in cooperation with a remote or in-house specialist.

Average iOS developer salary

If you are looking for an expert who will become a member of the full-time team, then you are expected to offer a competitive iOS app developer salary. For instance, the developers in the USA earn about $108 thousand.  But this amount depends on the state as each has a different cost of living and number of available talents.

Freelance iOS developer salary

In case you are eager to hire freelance app developers, then be ready to pay $80-100 per hour. Hence, an 8-hour working day will cost you about $640 and $12.800 per month. Mind that this amount is not fixed, and you can find a developer with a higher or lower rate.

If you are going to hire a freelancer to develop your product, then be ready for the following advantages and disadvantages:

+ Hiring a freelancer often is cheaper in comparison to other options

+ You don’t have to reward the specialist when you have not any projects for him/her

+ There is no need to worry about the workplace, sick leaves, taxes, etc.

-Freelancers often miss deadlines

-There are no guarantees that a developer won’t disappear

-You can’t be sure that the freelancer has no side customers

Cost to hire an outsourced iOS developer

If you tend to hire iOS programmer from outsourcing companies, then mind that the rate depends on the country and the continent where the organization is based. For instance, you should have quite a large budget to hire specialists from the USA, Western Europe, or Australia. Here the developers expect to get a salary with lots of zeros. The cheaper prices are in Asia, but the cultural gap and language barrier may become a significant problem for you. Ukraine and the rest of Eastern European countries have plenty of talented app programmers for hire. The development cost is low here while the expertise of local specialists is extremely good. That’s why well-known IT giants are opening offices in Ukraine that is recognized as a home of popular outsourcing destinations.

In case of cooperation with an outsourcing company, mind these pros and cons:

+Sometimes the rates are either the same as in-house experts have or lower

+You don’t need to worry about taxes

+You can hire the developer urgently without any difficulties

– There are risks to face project delays because of the time difference in case the outsourcing company is situated in another time zone

-Problems with understanding each other due to cultural differences

Factors to consider before hiring an iOS developer

If you want to make the process of hiring in-house or freelance iOS developer easier and quicker, then make sure that you consider the following factors:

Full-on experience

Experience plays a crucial role in the overall result when you find a developer. We have already mentioned the available levels of iOS developers; here is the period that is required for each of them:

  • Senior: over 5 years
  • Middle: 2-5 years
  • Junior: up to 2 years

However, you should keep an eye on the number of prepared projects rather than actual working experience, especially when you hire developers online. The point here is that a person may write a code for a long time, but it is not equal to full-on experience. If you forget about this nuance, you risk to hire developer with a narrow focus rather than deal with an expert who can work on the project from the very beginning to the moment when a specific application is launched at last.

Hands-on expertise

Do not confuse expertise and experience while hiring iPhone application developer. Expertise proves that the specialist has already worked with products of a definite complexity in a specific industry (for example, medicine). Hence, it is reasonable to pay attention not only to experience but expertise as well. You can ask the candidate directly or look at the portfolio. If you plan to deal with an outsourcing company, then visit its website and pick up published case studies or dedicated pages.


This is another factor that will help you understand what specialist you are having in front. Checking the portfolio allows evaluating the candidate’s expertise and experience when you hire iPhone developer. Moreover, you can launch the app and use it. It is a great way to understand the overall person’s proficiency.

Mind one important hint! Organizations often add articles to their blogs that tell about their previous projects. Look through them, and you will surely find tons of data to catch the level of available proficiency.


If you are going to hire app programmer from another country or even a continent, then you should ensure that a stable communication channel is possible to establish.  Usually, specialized software like Skype or Slack may easily solve the following problem. Anyway, it is recommended to discuss this issue in advance.

How Company NAME Helps Companies to Get iOS Developers Onboard

If you want to hire someone to build an app, then you definitely should pay attention to our company. Our experts have performed dozens of successful projects. We pay attention to the specific requirements of every application and incorporate the best technologies to meet the client’s expectations. It doesn’t matter whether you are eager to hire app developers to work in real estate, education, or any other industry. The portfolio of our works is diverse, so we can boast expertise in all fields…

Here are some of the most interesting applications we have built for iOS so far:

  • Splitzy (an application that simplifies bill splitting about the owner and the peers. It may be used for a variety of purposes, including movie tickets, meals, trips, etc.).
  • Employee Engagement Surveying (this product helps collect necessary information and engage the employees).
  • Fameelee (it allows the user to stay close to your family members and get in touch with them at any moment).
  • Property Management Platform (the app can solve any simple or complex enterprise’s tasks quickly).

All these products were performed by skillful experts, and the clients didn’t have to pay a high Swift developer salary. We aim to deliver the best quality at a reasonable price.


When you need to find an app developer for hire, you can come across plenty of details to mind.  Besides experience and expertise, you need to keep an eye on another significant factor, such as iOS developer salary. Mind the skill set and levels of experts while choosing the most compatible specialist. The portfolio is the best way to understand what the person can and what you may expect from your cooperation in the long run. We hope that this guide will help you find app developers, choose the best candidates and hire them. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our company and get a professional solution to your challenge.

Published by Dana Adams
Content Marketing Manager