Music has shaped the way people live now. Starting from jazz and hip-hop revivals from the suburbs of NYC and New Orleans to modern indie and pop genres, these sounds define the fashion trends, the way we talk and behave. Moreover, music preferences can appear to be a key factor when choosing a soul mate. There are many examples of perfect matches based on equal tastes. This can be a great idea for developing a prize-winning music dating app that differs from tons of alike mobile applications available on the web.

Music-based app – revolutionary idea for the online dating industry

We have recently discussed some of the latest tendencies in the field of mobile dating. A growing number of apps in the niche is the best witness of how popular it is. Dating services are in great demand featuring billions of downloads and armies of users across the globe. We are all eager to find our perfect partner that will share our interests and passion. Getting the one means that an application is a success and follows it main mission.

There are many examples of successful apps that implement various features and tools letting people find each other in accordance with different things in common. We have an example of The application uses special matching algorithms that link different users depending on their interests, hobbies and more. Others like Tinder use location-based algorithms.

On the other hand, a few apps use music as the key factor of matching. We are not talking about listing music genres and styles users prefer. Tastebuds appeared to be a revolutionary product for the entire dating industry. It is the best bet for various types of users including people who are ashamed of using data services due to various issues. What is the secret of a London-based music dating application?

A brief introduction into tastebuds

Every dating app is 70% a social network featuring users’ profiles, messaging systems, images sharing and more. Tastebuds is not an exception. The only difference is that the entire app is built around music preferences, while users are real music geeks.

The app managed to establish a successful collaboration with that powers the app and cooperates with Spotify at the same time. It resulted in many additional features for users who can now listen to their favorite music via Spotify play bar and load tracks from Moreover, the application provides a full access to a new award-winning YouTube radio players introduced by

Music streaming service is also accessible online in addition to a separate iOS application developed by Tastebuds. This particular app has grown into the best-seller in the niche. On the other hand, it appears to be even more popular with users who simply enjoy listening to music instead of looking for partners.

Discover an essential music content within a dating app

Tastebuds can hardly be called a dating application only. Of course, it provides some great matching perspectives. On the other hand, it now can be found in the A-list of music streaming applications as well. It attracts users who do not consider dating at all. For this reason, Tastebuds developers decided to make their app more social. They absorbed moosify, which is a European leading social network hailing from Germany.

As soon as you get to the website, you will hardly face any difficulties in finding your favorite music genre and start listening to your beloved track. All you need is to turn the radio on by clicking a button. Users can share their music tastes and post their own tracks. You are free to listen to them as well via YouTube player while looking through profiles of other online community members. Here you can find some matching features and enable a conversation. On the one hand, you can explore some new genres as well as discover new artists and styles you have never heard before. On the other hand, you can find a person to share your ideas on a particular band or singer and make good friends. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of your new long-lasting relations. Note that such feature is yet unavailable in iOS app. Developers promise t fix the bug in the nearest future. Another great feature is that Tastebuds lets you choose how you are going to act within an app. Users are free to opt for various scenarios ranging from a simple listening to music, discovering new genres or searching for a match.

Keep in touch with the latest events

Following your favorite artists’ concert updates is a great feature for any music app. We have a great example of Songkick letting you know the exact time, venue and ticket price to put on a show. You can track your fav band within its global tour and get a full access to all event data, singers’ descriptions and more. Tastebuds can boast a similar feature. The only drawback is that it is only accessible via the website but not within the app.

There are many ways to specify users’ music tastes within an application. It can be integrated with your Facebook account letting you import preferences from your social network account. Users are free to type the name of their favs, bands and singers themselves in the spaces provided. In spite of so many musical features, Tastebuds follows its primary goal letting people put on a date offline.


Online dating industry comes with many ways to monetize the award-winning service, especially when combined with features of music streaming app. Tastebuds makes profit via endless subscriptions offering premium packages to its users. Backstage Pass is an essential offer that brings an unlimited number of messages and is commercial free. There are no annoying ad banners while users can benefit from anonymity mode.

These are only a few methods to monetize a successful music-based dating app. Developers can take the advantage of a set of more efficient and profitable strategies. On the other hand, providing a 100% free service is also a good decision whenever you want to get at least the same popularity as Tinder.

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