Whenever you want to benefit from 100% of success in addition to high rankings, developing a dating app is certainly the best bet. The industry is in huge demand with mobile users from around the globe featuring billions of revenues for some of the leading players in the niche. According to another recent statistics, 77% of all population has already gone mobile. Building an award-winning data app is certainly a good way to go up! It will bring high revenues with a short pay-off period. Let’s see, what features define a successful dating application.

Leading mobile apps in the dating niche

With so many dating apps out there, some platforms appeared to be an enormous success. Plenty of Fish is a perfect example of such dating application highlighting more than 70% of all logs made via tablets and smartphones. We can also mention some other dating services like Badoo or Cupid.com. Some of them offer free memberships while other charge additional fees for particular services and more.

In spite of all their success, those dating apps have numerous drawbacks. Taking them as the main example for a new award-winning product is a bad idea considering much criticism and other pitfalls. The entire industry of online dating created serious limitations and stereotypes. Developing a successful dating app means to go far beyond those edges and limitations. The potential of the industry is huge with so many new features and options to explore. For instance, developers can consider gay dating area as their main priority. Only a few popular apps operate in the niche that seems to have a great potential unless you do not want to deal with it due to some ethical and moral issues. A market of straight people seems to be overcrowded.

What features should a dating app have?

Developers actually do not care whether they need to develop an app for gays or straight. There is no difference whether they actually build a dating service or a booking application. Moreover, a dating site is the same as any popular social network featuring users’ profiles, images, pictures, music, videos, live chats and a set of other essential tools.

A new feature has recently hit the headlines. It lets users search their friends and soul mates by their smartphones and tablets location. It lets developers offer a set of new features as well as organize online speed dating events, meetings, gift options and more.

Signing up

That would hardly be a problem. All major dating applications support signing in via various social networks including Facebook. The system can be easily integrated with all possible mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. It puts an ease on user’s actions letting him or her save precious time. They now do not have to fill in the gaps or type personal information in the spaces provide. All Facebook users will immediately get a full access to all dating app features and tools with only one touch. Moreover, they can find friends with the same interests, venues and hobbies shared on their Facebook pages. The system will automatically sort them out and offer a list of new profiles.

The only difference is that shared information will not be displayed in your Facebook timeline. Some sites stock to privacy policy terms while other users simply do not want to let others know they are using dating applications. Many successful apps inform users about their privacy issues, which is certainly a great plus. In other words, you will see a note “We do not post your any data on Facebook” before your press sing in button.

At the same time, some apps like Dattch use Facebook to check if a user straight or gay. This is made to avoid offense behavior and conflicts on lesbian or gay dating services as well as protect regular users from timewasters and cheaters. Some systems proceed with email checks linked to any other social network. Such measures are usually taken to check if a future user is not a bot but a real person.

User’s profile

Some dating apps like OkCupid use out-of-date profile system based on linear format. Those who want to succeed in the niche should avoid using the same principal and opt for some latest trends used by Pinterest and some other social networks. People always search for a user-friendly interface, usability and ease when it comes to editing profiles. The idea is to make an image-style procedure instead of doing tons of writing work and speaking about your interest and hobbies. We are not speaking of Instagram dating version. However, some of its features would certainly help to create and award-winning app.

The main problem in online dating has always been connected with fake accounts. They appeared to be a plague for the entire niche. The best bet is to keep the app away from that negative experience and offer new tools to determine real users. Some apps offer online approval of photos that are displayed with a special mark making others know that the user is real. Such approval is the same as you confirm your data on a PayPal account sending the images of your IDs. The main aim is to create a safe environment for every user featuring a sense of reality. Of course, such application will certainly call for more enthusiasm and time necessary for development.

Geography and messages

Integrated maps have already become an essential part of any mobile application. Dating apps are not an exception. A system sends a request to capture the location every time a user logs in. Some apps also use social networks to show the location of all users via Facebook or Instagram.

Messaging is a vital feature for any dating service. Some apps charge fees for reading and sending messages. In other words, a user must pay whenever a new message comes in case he want to read it or view a profile of a person who sent a message. It is a common practice, which is not as beneficiary as it seems at first sight. For instance, Tinder and Grindr have huge revenues although providing free messaging systems.

Best match finders

The main goal of any dating app is to find a matching person for every user in accordance with particular features, common interests, location and more. Special algorithms must be implemented. They may include small tests featuring yes/no questions. Although they are not very popular with some users, they still appear to be efficient matchmaking systems that can also come with a good revenue.

The problem with matchmaking is that some users look for their mates without considering common interests, likes or preferences. In some cases, it is enough to look at the profile or picture to start a conversation. On the other hand, it can save time and money in case of paid messaging system before setting up a real meeting.

Heavenly Sinful has come up with an up-to-date matching algorithm that puts all user’s interests and current hobbies on the map. The rest can see them and decide whether to establish a contact or not.

Dating app monetization tools

Hanging the game is vital to make a dating app as successful as Tinder, for example. Following all the latest trends in the industry is a key to success. With so many monetization tools, developers will certainly opt for the most appropriate one ranging from stickers, ad banners and more. Others charge fees for messaging and viewing of profiles.

The niche of online dating comes with so much potential still to reveal. You ca think of your own monetization features starting from paid account recovery to fees for choosing a fav among other users from the neighborhood.

Problems of online dating industry

In spite of being extremely popular with users from across the globe, major mobile applications come as a short-term activity for the majority of people. Finding a matching person is the main goal. As soon as a user achieves that goal, he or she is no longer interested in the site. The same thing is with people who fail to find a soul mate and are tired of permanent online messaging without any positive result. The best bet is to keep users inside the app even after they have found their ideal partners. Zoosk is the app to implement such successful strategies letting pairs continue using their app.

They provide dating ideas, gift ordering systems, special offers, loyalty programs, discounts, booking services and many other useful features. Some apps will proceed with all necessary dating arrangements. All you need is to send a request and pay a fee that does not usually exceed $20. In this case, an arranger is responsible for booking a restaurant as well as ordering meals and drinks. All you need is to come in time and enjoy a perfect evening. Some special offers are available on St. Valentines and other holidays as well.

No matter how many features a developer implements in his dating app, it should still come with a high level of usability, easy interface, attractive design and other basic aspects that attract users during their first visit. Functionality has always been the key to success.

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