For many years, our team has been working in the field of app development. We managed to gain enormous experience while completing different projects for both startups and well-established enterprises. We have learnt to understand our clients as well as be in our customers’ shoes. Whenever you come up with an idea of building a prize-winning social app, music streaming or booking service, we will already have a clear vision of the way your product should look like at finish.

However, it I not as easy as it sounds. Once we have received an order to develop an MVP version of the app, it is vital for us to have a clear picture of the product. We need to be 100% sure, it will meet customers’ expectations and requirements. Every client is unique as well as his or her idea. Nevertheless, we strive to introduce a single solution that will turn out to be the best bet for everyone in spite of the class. We are talking about product planning.

What does project planning involves?

Project planning comes with several stages. It mainly refers to the well-known Scrum method. The essential idea is to get prepared for the project. All team members are supposed to be at pole position before the launch putting together all crucial parts of the upcoming project including:

Every mentioned point is the goal of each sprint or iteration. The mission is not just to compete a particular section but also to share the entire project planning stage with our every customer.

Efficient communication is a fundamental issue of the project planning stage. It is all about discussing and negotiating different issues with our customers. We expect from you delivering precise and detailed instructions. You are free to use different methods to provide vital information on key features, functionality, design, usability, timeframes, budget and more. Tell us as much as possible. Project planning is the stage of discoveries and explorations. We try to identify all the requirements and the way your future product should look like.

Efficient communication with clients

Well, this is obvious. The more efficient communicating tools we establish, the higher possibility to succeed. Of course, project planning is not only about talking and talking for hours. On the other hand, you are free to communicate with any of our team members at every stage of the development process. If we are able to discuss all the issues during the project planning stage, we will save more time when working on the full project. Overall, it is always better to do some more talking rather than rebuilding the entire product from scratch.

Forming a team

As soon as we have a clear vision of the future products and understand the features you want to implement in it, we assign the most appropriate developers and designers for your particular project. We can boast a pool of experienced programmers, hire QA engineers, project managers, designers and other specialists who have an enormous track record of different successfully completed tasks of different complexity. You are free to conduct additional interviews and choose a candidate you like most of all. We provide talents for full-scale projects of different types.

MVP product version

Building an MVP version is the vital stage within the entire project planning procedure. The main idea is to have a closer look on how your future app will interact with users and if it is able to meet their expectations when it comes to functionality. JatApp has an award-winning team of experts including experienced consultants. They will proceed with detailed estimate to stress the key points of the future process and discuss them with you. Our mission is to make a product that will certainly have a success in the mobile market.

Not every client has unlimited financial opportunities. Some customers have a limited budget for the project implementation. Project planning will be a good solution to this problem as it gives a chance to estimate all aspects of the development process and reduce the cost. In other words, we will eventually come up with an offer that will suit your financial needs. MVP version concept supposes extracting of some feature that might be of no use but to the operational detriment.

Imagine another situation. You are not limited with budget and have a clear vision of how your app should look like. The only problem is the lack of professionals who are able to handle the task. We are here to help and implement the most dare ideas. Our team includes experienced professional UI/UX designers and programmers who will consider your every requirement, offer some extra features to increase functionality and more.

Designing an app

Design is a crucial moment for every customer. Sometimes it is hard to understand what a client really wants. What colors should we use? What shapes and sizes are the best bet for the app? We discuss every issue related to design with our customers. It does not mean that our version always coincides with the customer’s one. We offer better alternatives and design variants considering our experience. But you are the one to choose the final version. At this stage will also bring all major issues and details to one place developing all necessary documentation. It typically includes:

  • A User Story – we try to be in users’ shoes and describe the functionality of the future product from their point of view;
  • Detailed Estimation – this part contains all features ad options that we need to include in the product. Here you will also find the exact pricing, timeframes, iterations, budgeting and more;
  • Plan of the Project – here we divide the detailed estimation into every iteration accordingly. You will be able to keep in touch with each sprint deadline or starting date, track the progress and keep the control over schedule;
  • Technical Requirements – this part of the documentation indicates a chosen programming language, development approach, APIs and other crucial technical points that will be used during the development process.

Project planning is a vital stage in the entire procedure. It establishes strong relations between customers and our team. On one hand, we have a clear picture of the end product. On the other hand, you are 100% satisfied with the work.

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