Efficient project management is the key to success when it comes to the development process. We boast a team of experts including experienced project managers who will handle every issue of the process at every development stage. They get into the play starting from the first step.

Getting started

Let’s say, you have an idea of developing an award-winning app for Android or iOS. Imagine we are talking of a dating or social media app. All you need is to contact our specialists to think of some fundamental features that should be implemented in the product.

The project manager will handle all the formalities. He will negotiate all major issues as well as the price and timeframes. This is how we implement rough estimate to stress the ley points on every issue. Considering the abovementioned, your project will involve the following:

  • App development for every mobile platform (up to 1000 hours);
  • Employing a QA engineer (20% of cost);
  • Prototyping, UX design (up to 300 hours);
  • Additional development (server side up to 500 hours).
  • If you are satisfied with the rough estimate, we can save your time and introduce the MVP version of the future product.

Here is when a project manager gets involved in the process to evaluate the market and proceed with an in-depth analysis to map out your app’s MVP version. His mission is to suggest the best features and additional offers that will let your product stand out from the main competitors in the niche. As a rule, MVP version stand for some basic development to show all fundamental features and functionality of the product.

After the MVP version is ready, we introduce it to the target audience to see if the product can be successful. The mission here is to check the operation of the product and its ability to meet customers’ expectations. We launch the full cycle of the development process only in case MVP version runs smoothly and finds target audience. At the same time, we pay more attention to additional details and features like monetization tools, in-app purchases and extra options to increase your product functionality. In other words, we do the whole list of tasks to move the MVP version to another step where we develop a full version of the app. The most expensive and tough part of any project is the implementation of features and competitive advantages that will let you stand out from the main rivals in the niche. This part is also the most time consuming.

Should I hire a project manager?

Once you agreed to develop an MVP version, we launch the process of project planning. Our managers perform the most thorough examination and analysis to divide the entire development into iterations. It usually takes about two weeks to complete each sprint or iteration.

The first section is about design, project architecture and additional tasks that will let us create the most appropriate development environment. We enable WA testing within each iteration to detect and fix all bugs during the development process, not after it. We keep up with all necessary sections and sprints until we successfully implement all features indicated from the start in the MVP version. Our customers will keep in touch with every step we take and offer some changes and suggestions during each iteration. We only ask to provide them beforehand. The earlier you suggest changes the easier they will be included for implementation.

Our team will outline the entire project for you letting project managers come up with additional proposals for you after the detailed estimate is completed. A proposal will be introduced in form of an official contract or document featuring a project scope, deadlines, timeframes, communication means, possible risks, prices and other essential points of the future project. Pay attention that we expect maximum detailed requirements for you. Otherwise, it may lead to more time needed to complete the project. In case you decide to save money and avoid hiring a project manager, there is always a risk of failing to stick to the budget as well as meet the deadlines. If you prefer not opting for our specialists, you are supposed to handle all project management issues yourself. You will be able to keep up with the task on a remote basis only.

In other words, a project manager is the one to reduce the costs and guarantee a risk-free development process.

Developing the concept of the project

The lack of requirements may be the main obstacle on your way to success. You can use all possible methods to describe your thoughts and vision of every issue or feature in particular. If a customer is unable to clarify the requirements, we enable another stage that comes up with efficient project planning followed by a product concept.

This stage comes as a separate section of the entire process. It is not included in the overall estimate. On the other hand, the stage is vital without any overestimation as it brings an increased visibility of the following:

At this stage, we perform a close cooperation with the customer. We negotiate every point of the detailed estimate that you will need to approve. If everything is agreed, both sides sing a contract. After the contract is signed, we launch the development process.

Developing the product

Our project managers keeps in touch with all team members throughout the entire development process. Moreover, they handle a long list of additional responsibilities. They arrange special meeting and events on a regular basis to ensure the project does not get out of the scope and all iterations run smoothly. Such team meetings have proved to be extremely handy whenever there is a need to solve any problems or misunderstandings inside the team as well as between customer and the team. The mission of every project manager is to establish an efficient and healthy collaboration not only inside the team but also with the client. They cope with all documentation, provide regular reports and develop outlines for new iterations. They are supposed to provide bug fixing reports and any other documentation upon customer’s request shortly.

Project Planing aims to negotiationg all issues with the customer to avoid any changes and additional suggestions in future, it is hard to avoid 100% of them, as we deal with various technologies, third party services, etc. The task of the project manager is to handle any of those questions making a customer 100% confident about the result of the project.

The last stage – ongoing project development

Here we are! The early version of your future product is finally ready and about to hit the headlines. A successful release is only 50% of the task we need to complete. The main mission here is to check whether the product meets the expectations of its target audience. This is where we come up with detailed analytics and in-depth research using advanced and innovative tools. We examine all key rates as well as the level of users’ engagement. We check the functionality of the product, its usability and other issues. The idea is to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We have a team of experienced professionals in different fields. Some of them will suggest additional methods to increase the recognition level of the app. We use different hacking techniques and other tools that are vital for metrics.

If you still have any questions or simply want to start efficient collaboration, contact us now!

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