JatApp makes its best to deliver the outstanding customer experience for both startups and well-established enterprises globally. Every prospect comes with different goals and requirements, for this reason, we provide various engagement models to understand the needs of every client.

The idea is to assume maximum responsibility and control over the entire development process from its first stage. We have developed three major models of engagement. All of them come with essential features to ensure a 100% efficient collaboration with our client. The models are as follows:

  • Product Provider;
  • Talent Provider;
  • Strategic Partnership.

Let’s have a closer look at each model making it easy to understand their benefits for your particular case.

PP model (product provider)

PP model is the common way of collaboration with our customers where JatApp delivers the product to the client. The model considers a set of key responsibilities and tasks we need to handle. They include developing a product from scratch including the stage of prototyping and design as well as testing and release. We work in collaboration with our customers on every stage of the development process. PP model introduces JatApp as your essential technological co-worker and appears to be the best bet whenever you want to build a new product from scratch.

Visibility and predictability turnout to be the main advantages of the model. In other words, you will be able to keep in touch with the progress at every stage of the development process. Customers will get regular reports and all the latest stats revealing all steps we have made. The model lets you make all necessary changes and introduce new ides even after the development process is launched.

What are the main benefits of our PP model?

Both enterprises and startups will appreciate some of the following benefits brought to them by our Product Provider model. Here it comes:

  • Craft an efficient product strategy that is concentrated on customer’s key objectives. We provide our development roadmap for an increased visibility in addition to project outlines and detailed reports;
  • Enable an efficient teamwork in collaboration with our UX designers, developers, programmers, testers and project managers. They work as a team to deliver superior quality product of the highest class;
  • Detailed reports delivered after each iteration;
  • Exceptional design, implementation of various QA testing methods and full development of the product;
  • Product release by the deadline;
  • IT Support, Maintenance and Optimization.
How does the model work?

As well as the development process, our model features a specific structure. It includes several vital stages.

  • We explore customers’ needs and objectives, complete and deliver all necessary documentation, launch the development process.
  • You confirm the scope. We start the development process after your approval only.
  • We manage the project letting you save your time and focus on the key business objectives.
TP model (talent provider)

This type of model will be a perfect solution to enterprises that suffer from a lack of skillful and experienced employees. We can boast a team of dedicated experts in the field of app development and always ready to share them with our customers. In other words, our workers can become yours for a given period.

Whether you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars hiring professional developers or deal with amateurs and freelancers, Talent Provider model will be the best bet for you. It will give you a chance to boost the development process and quickly solve different problems within the project. We have the right people for you!

What are the main benefits of the TP model?

Every time you opt for the Talent Provider model, you will benefit from the following:

  • A team of dedicated professionals with a high level of expertise;
  • Affordable rates and considerable time;
  • We will handle any task including taxes, administration and account management;
  • We keep control over quality and take full responsibility for our employees;
  • We deal with all HR duties and manage the stuff. The mission here is to establish healthy working relations and create efficient working environment to increase productivity.
How does the model work?

As well as PP model, Talent Provide model also has a developed structure that consists of several vital stages:

  • We explore your needs to assign the most appropriate experts to handle the task.
  • We form a team of experts putting all employees together.
  • All employees are available for interviewing. You are free to choose the one you need.
  • We sign a contract and you can get to work using our specialists.
Strategic partnership

Strategic Partnership as we see it is a relationship model where our referral partner sends us prospective leads with custom software development needs and gets 10% from project revenue.

Our Referral program is easy, flexible, and completely free to join. If you have a strong presence among small businesses owners through your website, email contacts or social networks, joining our Referral program is a great way for you to generate additional income.
There are many times when different types of businesses team with us to create a better product or service environment for their customers. Generally, the relationship centers around a series of mutual benefits defined at the onset of the relationship.
There are many benefits of Referral partnership with JatApp
Of course, when our clients recognize the value of the partnership the extended benefits of a referral relationship are truly endless. More often than not, our clients fall into their own special niche business category.
Feel free to contact us for more information on any model described above.

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