Finding a trustworthy and reliable web-based hosting service will hardly be a challenging considering a growing number of offers available for developer. However, it can take days and weeks to opt for the most appropriate one. We are here to help you save your time and money introducing some of the best offers according to various key factors and criteria. You will be able to compare and contrast some of the most recognizable hosting services and choose the one that will be the best bet for you.


Github will certainly appear to be a good solution for developers who prefer using Git revision control system. This web-based hosting comes alongside with SVN support and a set of essential features you will appreciate.

Launched in 2007, Github has immediately taken the audience by storm. It turned out to be the only source code repository letting developers cooperate and borrow codes from each other as well as post it.

The founders of the service were initially aimed at not just making developers use only their hosting service. Their primary mission was to offer an award-winning platform that would come as an efficient developing solution. The results have exceeded founders’ expectations currently featuring over 4 billion users including some of the leading app development companies.

Of course, Github is certainly a leading hosting service in the market. You will probably be satisfied with this one. On the other hand, it would be rude of us not to introduce other prize-winning services. You might appreciate their features even more.


Almost every established web-based hosting service strives to be at least at the same level with Github. Such approach has grown into a trend. Bitbucket should not be underestimated in this race. The service managed to become extremely popular with many developers across the globe. Thousands of soft developers have opted for Bitbucket as for their main hosting service. The main feature that differs it from Github is the fact that it offers a set of free options including private repositories.
This time, we are ready to rumble and compare two services considering their benefits and drawbacks.

Common features:

  • Git hosting available free;
  • Tools to track bugs and wiki;
  • Efficient communication functions;
  • Web-based hosting;
  • Both have separate APIs;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Both offer mobile apps;
  • Static page hosting;
  • SHH and HTTPS support.

Both services have a common disadvantage as well. They do not come with localization making it difficult to use these services for those who do not speak English.

Github Pros:

  • Availability of Gist service (pastebin);
  • Open Source integration with Jabber, Bugzilla, IRC and more;
  • Web hooks to deploy to production server as well as to enable CI builds, update backup mirror and issue tracker;
  • Modified customer support;
  • Advanced searching system that can be filtered by location and programming language;
  • Introduced on all major resources;
  • More functional GFM that is better if compared with a traditional SM;
  • 3D support.

Bitbucket Pros:

  • Private repositories are available free. You do not have to pay unless you have more than 5 users at the same time;
  • Developers can benefit from an unlimited disc space for the most challenging projects;
  • Integration with major analytics tools including Google Analytics and Akismet;
  • Easy-to-use and attractive interface;
  • Convenient transferring of projects and importing repositories from Github;
  • Additional tools to email invitations;
  • Opportunity to link the domain to your account;
  • Forum available for users;
  • OpenID login system;
  • Visualization and more.

Additional Bitbucket benefits:

We all know that Atlassian has already absorbed the service. It means that we can expect integration with Jira in the nearest future. Moreover, Bitbucket lets you send invitations via email and get rewards in the face of free private repositories.

Source forge

In spite of the huge popularity among developers from across the world, those two web-based hosting services are not the only to consider. Source Forge has proved to be another trustworthy source code repository that is available free. However, you should note before using the service that it is available for open source projects only. Source Forge offers a range of beneficiary tools and services featuring over 3 million users globally. Some of the most attractive features include Subversion and CVS collaborative tools, IT support services near me and discussion options, mirror network download and more.

Some basic features are also available for developers. They include not only bug tracking and web hosting but also integration with analytic tools, access to MySQL database, shell servers and more. Developers will have a chance to opt for a unique domain name featuring the name of their own project. Wiki is also available in addition to mailing lists and user forum.

Once a prosperous and recognizable web-based hosting service has lost its positions among the main competitors However, it seems to get its leading place in the market back. Summing up, Source Forge certainly worth paying attention.


Gitorious is the last but not the least in our list. As well as Source Forge, it can be used for open source projects only. This service will be the best bet whenever you need to complete a project in collaboration with other developers. It will be of no use for a separate project of your own. Gitorious offers an easy tracking system letting you monitor the slightest commitment and event via special news feed. Here all forks, comments and pull requests are displayed. All projects will feature an interface, wiki, activity timelines and many other useful things for both developers and project managers.

The main disadvantage is a total absence of all possible web hosting features. You will not be able to track bugs as well.
Choosing the right service can be a difficult task unless you know for sure what you are looking for. We do hope readers will find our tips handy.

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