The mobile market development defines new features for players to benefit from higher revenues. The marketplace features more and more competitors in various niches. The growing number of players results in the fact that over 80% of all internet users access the global web via portable devices. This fact enables a rapid growth of the mobile market highlighting award-winning applications for business and entertainment.

The mobile market reminds of a gold rush featuring hundreds of established companies and independent entrepreneurs who are eager to grab their piece of a pie. Having a brilliant idea will not guarantee high profits and general success. You need to think of all possible monetization tools in advance choosing the most efficient strategy. We tried to bring all essential features in one place revealing the revenue potential in the mobile market. Our mission is to make it clear how much you can earn as an app publisher. We have indicated the main revenue sources and tools.

Where to earn?

The first thing you need to do is to choose a platform for your future app. Your revenue will directly depend on your choice. iOS and Android are the leading platforms featuring millions of users from both sides. On the other hand, professional developers recommend starting app development originally for Apple devices. The application can be later converted to Android with a chance to widen your market opportunities.

It does not mean that iOS is the one-and-only choice, as Android also has some great features to offer. However, the latest statistic shows that iOS developers earn particularly more. 25% of all publishers can boast their monthly revenue up to $5,000. On the other hand, only 16% of all developers engaged with Android platform are able to earn not less than $5,000.

iOS and Android are not the only platforms existing. Many users carry devices powered by Blackberry, Windows Phone and other types of OS. Keep in mind that you should never deal with those platforms. Blackberry is very close to being completely kicked off the market while Windows appears to be a Microsoft corporate backing. It is still not very popular with global users though many devices powered by Windows appear today. The best bet is to introduce your app to other platforms as soon as it becomes popular and profitable on major marketplaces.

What are the approximate revenues?

Mobile app development has eventually grown into one of the most profitable fields featuring more than $45 billion in 2016. Apart from award-winning business apps, reservation and booking services, gaming products bring the biggest part of the revenue featuring millions of downloads and subscriptions globally. Game development is the best bet whenever you want to earn as much as possible from your app.

If you still have doubts regarding the potential of your future game, check the example of some revenue leaders like Clash of Clans or Candy Crush. The first can boast the revenue up to $1,200,000 per day! Developers from King Digital Entertainment are not far from that rate highlighting up to $885,000 of daily revenue.

You may be surprised with such figures as many games are free. It is all about monetization features and channels. You can come up with numerous paid options, fees for upgrades or new gear, etc. Of course, a few companies can boast a full-scale professional team of web designers. If you are not the one, you can benefit from simpler solutions like iSteam, for instance. The app costs only $0.99. There is nothing special about this fogged glass simulator. However, its developers managed to raise $100,000 per month.

There are numerous examples of some simple apps that cost less than $5. They include applications for both Android and iOS platforms featuring thousands of dollar revenues. Beautiful Widgets Android-based app lets its developers earn millions of dollars brought by downloads.

Summing up, we return to what we have started from. Opting for the right mobile platform is a vital step before you start developing your prize-winning app.

Do not by limited by phones only

One will hardly argue that smartphones are an essential part of our everyday lives. On the other hand, you have a chance to go far beyond phones whenever you need to benefit from higher revenues. New portable devices hit the headlines and appear to be in huge demand with users. Smart TV is a good example with over 34% of users paying their interest to a new type of connection.

The only problem is that getting started with an app for Smart TV is certainly a tough challenge. The only way to gain success is to introduce already recognizable application to the new niche boasting a descent users’ base. You obtain some useful features based on the experience of Hulu or Netflix.

The first and foremost difficulty you are to face is to persuade people download your application on their Smart TVs. However, if you succeed, you will discover new revenue sources and widen your users’ base.

Apart from Smart TVs, gaming consoles also appear to be a great niche especially when it comes to game applications. Xbox and PS 4 are inevitable pieces for every modern gamer. The problem is that these consoles can boast their own app stores. Entering the market may appear to be hard. On the other hand, we have some successful examples like Spotify or BBC.

With so many new devices that regularly take the audience by storm, developers will always have something to choose for monetization and new revenue streams. Smart Watches are another great source of income. The device made its debut not so long ago. However, it has already become extremely popular with users. Although the market can now boast only 9% of mobile device users, Samsung, Sony and Apple are getting involved in it more intensively, which certainly means a huge potential. You can be among the first to enter the market with your brilliant app.


Summing up, developers and publishers can choose from various markets and niches to introduce their products and make money. Despite the fact, some may find the mobile market a bit overloaded with tons of products and applications, it still has a great potential offering many new niches to discover and explore. For example, Android platform is new to various video editing features. Its devices feature cameras with low capabilities. However, Google is about to improve the situation. You may be the first to offer a great video editing app, for example. Smart TVs and gaming consoles also come as new developing markets. They will expand in the nearest future.

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