Application Development Costs

This is the very first question companies, and brands are engaged in while developing their own mobile solution. App creation is an extremely demanding process not only concerning costs but also to other valuable resources like time and developer team effort. The cost to make app hinges on numerous aspects and details. Each project is unique, so it’s unreal to predict the universal app cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App

If you are planning to introduce your own solution and know more about planning your budget and what things to consider, this article is for you.

What Determines the Cost of an App?

Application development is a complex process that highly relies on the unique needs and goals of every project. Of course, you can use the special calculators that will estimate the average cost to develop an app with characteristics like yours. However, we don’t recommend relying on these numbers. Building a mobile application is an unpredictable process, and it is impossible to foresee all the possible situations. Here are the basic factors necessary to keep in mind while building any mobile application.


The more numerous platforms you desire to launch your solution on, the pricier it is. Consider two approaches:

  • Native mobile applications are targeted at a certain platform and written in a programming language suitable only for one platform. Their functionality is extensive, and operation is fast and reliable. A native app development cost is considerably increased.
  • If application expenses are a priority, a multiplatform or hybrid approach would be an ideal solution. Such applications are designed for numerous platforms and written using special universal languages. They operate on numerous platforms, but their functionality and design are not as robust as in the first option.

Design Specifics

Design templates are an excellent way to reduce resources on mobile application development. However, when a personalized and unique design is needed, be ready for additional expenses. The application design involves UI, UX, and the content placed in a solution. This all requires a detailed approach and planning. Pay attention to the elements that increase your brand recognition, such as logo, icon, and slogan. The app design should be created after the work of a marketing team when the customer has a defined brand image, values, and the analysis of a target audience.


This is a very tricky factor because there isn’t any universal classification according to which the apps are classified into simple and complex ones. The complexity depends on the number of peculiarities, third-party integrations, the database needed, etc. As a rule, the most complex applications are games because they need to provide flawless convenience in use. To understand the solution’s complexity better, divide your features into essential and advanced ones. This will help prioritize the processes effectively and pay attention to the crucial feature set.

App Pricing Models

A fixed hourly developer rate is common practice. Along with the growth of outsourcing, this model has gained huge popularity because of its flexibility, predictability, and payments according to the tasks performed. The rate hinges on the area where developers are from and the tech stack of your project. This way, the Android app development cost will be cheaper than iOS. It is not always true, but most practices show that iPhone apps development costs are increased because of more demanding technologies and platform specifics. If you plan to launch an IoT solution, be ready for challenges. Solutions for less popular platforms are not so demanding.

According to time and material, the payments take place every week or month. This model is more suitable for projects with unclear requirements and a high probability of modifications.

How Much Time Does Building an app Necessitate?

The time-to-market directly affects the costs of creating an app. It all relies on the SDLC model, engagement level, project management, etc. As a rule, simple applications require at least 3-4 months; complex ones take over a year even if we consider developing an MVP.

4 Strategies to Build an Application

Choosing a skilled and reliable partner will eliminate your headache and help cut the cost of creating an app. All the ways we mention below have certain risks. You should establish unique goals and opt for the beneficial model. Remember that more affordable options often compromise the quality.

Dedicated team

This is an affordable and flexible option. Usually, such teams operate remotely and stay on your project until it’s launched. You can adjust your cooperation and take advantage of the flexibility and adaptivity. Established meetings and a responsible manager will aid in reducing the time and expenses.


This is the affordable but also the riskiest option. While picking a freelancer, pay attention to their portfolio, rating, and customer reviews. They are flexible but be prepared to handle more management processes. Make sure to hunt for specialists on trustworthy platforms.

Technical Co-Founder

If you have an expert with a record in your industry, you’re lucky. Involving a top talent is quite risky, but these people are usually dedicated to the project and interested in its success more than anyone else. These people can have a huge value and make an immense contribution to your project’s success.

App development company

This organization is beneficial because you get all the necessary engineers in one place. Moreover, they have worked with each other before, and there will be no communication issues. They will offer you their extensive expertise in advanced technologies and creating great solutions.

Outsourcing Team or Local Developers: Who to Choose

This is an extremely controversial question as both options have their benefits and disadvantages. Hiring and training an in-house team is a lengthy process. However, these specialists will be comfortable to manage. This also requires additional expenses like office rent, taxes, etc.

Choosing the right outsourcing engineer team is also a challenge. Have a detailed look at the portfolio and discuss solving all the possible issues. Language barrier and time zone difference also plays a vital role in your product development.

Cost of Maintaining an App

Many businesses don’t consider maintenance charges, and they are surprised by the overheads. The cost to support your solution can comprise 15% of the cost of app development. Quite frequently, the startups get huge success and recognition in the beginning and fail because of the absence of support. Consider these expenditures and add them to the approximate cost to make an app. The post-launch activities may include hosting, upgrading, analytics, advertising, licenses, etc. Let’s examine each process in more detail.

  • Selecting the right hosting is crucial not only for application marketing but for its seamless operation in the long run. You should choose an optimal hosting solution according to the type of media you use and your disk space requirements.
  • Monitoring and analytics are decisive to keep up with the severe competition. You may employ analytical tools to trace user behavior and make considerable improvements to meet user needs more effectively.
  • Advertising and engagement are expenditures you shouldn’t neglect. The average app cost for installation may vary relying on the country, app store, etc.
  • Regular updates are the key to keep the audience interested for a long time. Ensure to release them relying on the experience and not to waste resources on minor updates. It is advantageous to gather the necessary improvements and release all of them in a new version. This will reduce the cost to develop an app upgrade and improve the satisfaction rate.

So the maintenance should be a separate section of the application budget.

Cost to Develop an App: Costs Calculation

Concerning final price calculation, you will never know how much to make an app flawless and high quality you will require in the end. A detailed analysis before you start the project will encourage you to make informed decisions bringing numerous advantages in the long run.