Although it may be hard to come up with a brand-new and unique idea for an app, you may always design and develop a prize-winning product that will get to the top on the list of best apps. There is no magic formula of how to make a good mobile app. On the other hand, you can benefit from some basic methods that will guide you in the right direction. Moreover, you can follow the example of some most recognizable applications available in major App Stores.

Choose a direction for your future app

The first step is choosing the direction and platform for your application. Both Google Play and Apple Store introduce thousands of applications downloaded daily in addition to millions of customers around the globe. Picking up the right one will determine the future success of your on project.

On the one hand, beginners are recommended to opt for iOS platform due to a huge amount of Apple device users. On the other hand, Android also comes as a huge marketplace featuring many products dedicated to various genres and fields. Both platforms bring users of different age, interests, and geolocation.
Both platforms hold almost a half of all market shares. On the other hand, Apple Store can boast two times more downloads, while Google Play offers additional monetization features as well as some extra benefits that may come in handy.

Whatever you choose, you need to figure out some of the key points. They include:

  • App genre (game, business, entertainment, booking service, etc.);
  • Content;
  • Customers’ group by age, location and other factors;
  • The purpose of the app;
  • The type of the app (free, lite, freemium, in-app purchasing, etc.).

Defining the right direction is your first step to success. Having a clear vision of the app is vital before launching the development process.

Write down your idea when making an app

The questions above are obligatory for consideration. On the other hand, only those ones do not limit you. Try to be as imaginary as possible, take notes and write down all your ideas. Such approach will never let you lose an award-winning idea that you may never come across in future. Always make sketches or screenshots of your future application to have a clear vision of how it will look like. Develop a structure of the app operation and answer the main question “what will my app do”?

Compare and contrast other apps in the field

An in-depth research of the mobile field is another vital step for beginners. With so many different applications available in app stores, you can follow the example of the most successful ones. Try to learn as much as possible about their features and benefits. Taking into account mobile app development outsourcing will also be a good idea. Try to identify your own preferences about a particular app. Define what you like or do not like about leading applications and decide whether you are able to modify those features creating a better service or product. Here is nothing wrong in using others’ ideas to compare them with your own.

Code yourself or hire freelance app developers

Some beginners may have necessary knowledge and skills to code themselves. However, applications that are more complicated may call for a professional approach. In this case, you may opt for independent development teams and freelancers saving your time and money. If you decide to hire a coder, make sure that you have the same understanding and vision of the future product. Otherwise, your cooperation will hardly be successful.

Some may find coding rather challenging making them say “no” to it. On the other hand, both Apple and Google offer a range of handy features and sources letting you start learning. Beginners will hardly face serious difficulties when creating some components for the app and putting them together. They can also benefit from a selection fixing, testing, and bug detecting tools. All you need is to learn some major programing languages like JavaScript, CSS and some more. If you find the learning process too overwhelming, app development outsourcing is the best solution to the problem.

How to outsource app development?

Budget planning is a vital point of the development process if you opt for outsourcing. You should have a clear understanding that none will develop and app for your free. At the same time, choosing a skillful professional is not as easy as it may seem. The pool of independent specialists and freelancers is extremely large. For this reason, you need to know exactly what you want and choose a bidder who has the same vision and experience in a particular field. Conduct interviews, negotiate the price and provide a list of milestones to ensure a future success.

Try to learn as much information on the candidate as you can. Look for references, testimonials, and reviews by previous customers, ask to look at the portfolio and check the development experience for a particular OS. Discussing prior ideas will be the first step of your cooperation. For instance, your bidder may have a good experience in implementing great monetization features you have never heard about. You should also keep the project under control tracking its every phase. Such points as sole rights and confidential policy are also vital things to discuss with a developer.

The last but not the least is defining every stage of the development process from the concept to the launch. At this point, you will need to set clear targets and deadlines. Ask your bidder how much it will take to complete a particular stage.

How to make an app with third parties?

Third party app development solutions appear to be in demand for both beginners and professional app developers. On the one hand, you will have a strong backup provided by professionals. On the other hand, there are not equal solutions. All of them differ from each other, so you need to learn as much as possible to decide whether an offer suits you fine.

In-depth research the best variant to find for an efficient third party development solution. The only way to choose the right one is to compare and contrast their offers, features, policies and other crucial aspects.

Establish your app development process

Every app development process must have its own structure featuring all stages from working out a concept of your future app to the stage of launching and promotion. Depending on the type of your applications as well as its complexity, you may also need analytic and research tools in addition to expert’s opinion. At the same time, there are some basic aspects like the user-friendly interface and attractive design. Here are some general stages of the development process that can be modified and extended according to your needs:

  • Analytics and purpose definition.
  • Solid design.
  • Programming and Coding.
  • Testing and fixing.
  • Publishing, Promoting, and Monetizing.

Beginners may benefit from a so-called MVP development model. It considers creating an app with some basic features before involving in a more complex structure. On the one hand, you gain necessary experience benefiting from a cost-effective strategy. On the other hand, you save time and money.


You should note that all those measures are only basic trends. Every app is a unique creating with its own features. Bringing your app ideas to life can appear to be a more challenging task with many difficulties and obstacles. For this reason, precise planning is obligatory whenever you want to avoid unexpected difficulties and follow your path with high revenues in the end.