Having a brilliant idea for a mobile app is great. However, finding a team of professional app developers may appear to be a more challenging task. The latest stats highlight over 2 million specialists who act as mobile app developers across the globe. On the one hand, such estimates make the option rather wide and versatile when it comes to rates and services you can opt for. On the other hand, possibility of making the wrong choice is also rather high. We decided to lend you a hand when selecting the right team for higher. Here are some useful tips you will certainly find useful and bring your idea of an award-winning mobile application to life.

Choosing the right location

The first thing you need to do is to give a thought to your destination. The best bet is to select from some of the most popular app development countries and locations that typically include:

  • The United States;
  • The UK as well as some other European Countries;
  • India;
  • Ukraine.

The location hosts more than 50% of all technological supplies in the IT field if compared with any other country across the globe. It`s home for the Silicon Valley as well as some most talented minds. The United States introduce some of the leading IT enterprises and service providers with their headquarters on the territory of the country. If compared to other continents such as Asia and Europe, North America takes third when it comes to the biggest number of app development teams.


Europe hosts the biggest number of app developers around the world. The UK here features actually the highest revenue gained from mobile development services and software. It appears to be the second largest IT hub after the USA. London is the first in Europe followed by Berlin as another huge app development hub.


India is the best destination when it comes to outsourcing app dedicated development teams. The country has its own alternative of Silicon Valley located in Bangalore. It is believed to host over 300,000 app developers and Indian-based companies.


According to the Gartner’s List, the country is in top 30 of the best destinations when it comes to outsourcing app development. Local specialists can boast a great knowledge background, a set of necessary skills and talents to complete the most complicated tasks. For this reason, they are frequently hired on the outsource basis by companies hailing from the UK, Canada and the USA.

Look at the profile

When you want to hire a babysitter, you will probably try to find out as much information as possible about the potential candidate. The same thing is with an app developers. You are free to check their information on various websites or any other online source. Also consider references, reviews by previous customers and clients’ rates. Here are some trustworthy and reliable websites that provide detailed information about app developers available for hire:

oDesk is one of the most widely spread networks that links app developers and customers together. It represents mainly freelancers as well as independent development teams. The only drawback is that the network introduces hourly project only. On the other hand, it will let you keep in touch with the budget and costs;

Elance is considered as a more pricy network if compared with others. However, higher rates usually mean better quality. Here you can choose from hourly or fixed model of cooperation with the app developers;

Freelancer is the last but not the least network you should take into account.
You can search for some other networks available on the web. Some networks can be divided into categories in accordance with the specialists they host. For example, you can easily come across some designer communities. Here you can choose from iOS or Android UI/UX designers that will fit your requirements and expectations. Also, use different tech blogs and other sources of information to widen your knowledge and have a clear vision of whom you need as an app developer.

Divide all candidates into categories

Do not rush to hire the first app developer you come across. Low rates and prices should not be the main reason of your choice. We recommend making a list of all potential candidates divided into separate groups by prices, model, approach and other features that can be crucial for your particular project.

You also need to decide whether you are going to hire a freelance team or a full-scale development company. If you have enough managing skills to handle the project yourself, the best idea is to opt for freelancers. In the one hand, you will be able to reduce the cost in case of a limited budget. On the other hand, this type of collaboration is a good idea in case you want to build a less complicated application with a fewer number of features.

As for the app development company, their services usually come with maximum management and convenience. As a rule, they have a full pack of specialists ranging from designers and project managers to programmers, developers, QA engineers, promoters, etc. Such full-scale teams have their own strategies that have already proved to be a success. Moreover, you may have a full access to their profiles, portfolios and testimonials. Cooperation is usually regulated by the official contract that features all points, hours and budgets necessary for your future project.

Compare and contrast your candidates

Once you have come up with the list of your potential candidates, you need to compare all their possible hits and misses. Feel free to conduct several interviews and ask all questions that will let you make the right choice. Here is the list of typical questions you may need for the interview:

  • Can you show me some of your examples? – Every acknowledgeable app developer should have a portfolio featuring some of the best projects he or she completed. You may also ask to show some developed applications that have not been included in the general portfolio. Search them in the App Store or Google Play, check the ratings, customers’ feedback and more. If you opt for the app development company, have a closer look at its website. Check the content, testimonials and reviews.
  • What are the guarantees? – You are the one to pay money for the service. It is fine to ask about financial and quality guarantees. Ask to speak more of tools, methodologies and approaches implemented by a particular candidate. If you have a lack of technical knowledge and development terms, ask some of your friends you rely on to conduct an interview for you.
  • What are your clients? – A huge and reputable clients’ base is certainly a big plus in favor of a particular candidate. Do not hesitate to ask their contacts and keep in touch with them to find out more about their collaboration experience. The more real references you will gain the higher possibility of successful cooperation you will have.
  • What are the communicating means? – Communication with the app development team is a key to success. The more you discuss your project, the more understanding of prior goals and purposes you will have. If an app developer does not understand your needs and requirements, he or she will never meet your expectations. Ask on how you are going to communicate within the process or how often you can get in touch with any of the team members. Some reputable app development companies use the Agile methodology as their main approach. This method lets customers track the entire development process from scratch. Specialists provide daily reports on what has been done. So, you can observe the evolution of the project and make any changes in case of necessity.
  • What are the stages of the development process? – Having a clear structure of the app development process is another crucial issue. It does not matter, what technologies and strategies they will choose. They should prove that their strategy is actually efficient. It can enable a high-quality project. Ask them to define the main benefits of technologies and methods they use. If an app developer is not able to explain the benefits of his or her own development process, the entire project is doomed to failure.

We do hope this article will come in handy when hiring professional app developers whether they represent a full-scale company or work as outsource. Always stick to the details, as they really matter when it comes to the general success of your project. Good luck!

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