How to Make an App Like Uber: Expectations and Reality

Uber is one of the top applications used by people who live in big cities. This is the most convenient rideshare service offered. Many people prefer to order Uber instead of owning a car and deal with parking in cosmopolitan cities.

The app has gained a huge number of fans since the first days of its launch. Now, this is one of the most successful modern rideshare services. This is the main reason why numerous developers think about creating an application like the Uber app. Not only online businesses should be interested in the familiar app creation.

Many transport companies can greatly benefit once launching an application with features close to offered by Uber technologies. We can see how overwhelmed the rideshare market is currently, with lots of new applications launched recently. Many entrepreneurs want to reach the same success Uber has. In such a case, they should definitely learn what is Uber and how to create a similar app.

What is Uber – Short Explanation

Uber is probably the most popular rideshare service these days. If you wonder when did Uber start, the company was created in 2009. The mobile app was launched in 2011. Ten years later, and the service has over 93 million users monthly. Uber is the leading rideshare service worldwide. It covers over 70% of the modern market. The biggest competitor, Lyft, has only about 30% of the market share.

Uber works in over 84 countries throughout the world. The service is round-the-clock and client-oriented. You can order a driver via Android or iOS applications. The app-user integration has allowed the company to increase its user coverage and profits significantly. With a proper marketing campaign, the Uber application has gained its current impressive popularity among users.


How Does Uber Application Work

If you want to create a similar app, you should learn how does Uber work. Besides, you should always be attentive to details. The main app’s performance can be demonstrated in the next steps:

  1. Client’s Request. How to apply for Uber? Once the client needs a car, he sends a request and schedules the ride by using the app. The drivers nearby receive the requests.
  2. Matching Process. The driver must accept a request. If he rejects, the request will be passed to another driver nearby.
  3. Ride Itself. The app allows you to track the taxi approach to minutes.
  4. Payment Process. The way Uber operates allows paying for a ride without cash. The advanced application made cashless payments a new reality.
  5. Rating Afterwards. The client rates the service. It allows us to gather the statistics and use it to improve the service afterward.

Clients get the best services by using Uber application. Besides, with every new rating, the service gathers more data for further improvements.

How to Create an Application Like Uber

When you want to create an app like Uber, you should think about lots of details. In fact, there is the list of top features to pay your attention to when you tend to create apps like Uber and Lyft:

  • Geolocation and Routing;
  • Online Payment Integration;
  • Registration and Account Management;
  • Improved Messaging Between Driver and Client;
  • Timely Push Notifications;
  • Advanced UI and UX Design;
  • Ride Cost Valuation.

These are the top features offered for the clients. They define the way the service is rated by Uber users.

How Many Apps Do You Need Eventually?

When creating such a technologically complex platform, you need to create more than one app. You should create an application for Uber driver, an app for passengers, and a highly operative admin panel.

Top Passenger Features in Apps Like Uber

The company offers the following features for clients Uber customer apps:

  • Geolocation and Course-plotting;
  • Online Payment Integration;
  • Registration Process;
  • Account Management;
  • Messaging Between Driver and Client;
  • Advanced UX and UI Design;
  • Timely Push Warnings;
  • Ride Cost Valuation.

You may need to deal with more advanced features as well. It includes a pre-scheduling of rides, booking, etc.

Top Driver Features in Apps Like Uber

When dealing with Uber software for a driver, you should pay attention to the next features:

  • The proper and full driver reports;
  • The advanced optimization of routes;
  • The option of staying “active” and “inactive”;
  • Instant messaging with a client.

Such advanced features like the cancelation option and heat map can also be beneficial.

Admin Panel for Taxi Apps Like Uber

The admin panel is an indispensable part of the User app creation. This highly advanced and web-based app requires proper management and development options.

Use of Advanced Uber Technologies

You can see from the stories about how did Uber start, and the company has launched its mobile application a few years after its creation. The following increase in profits has shown how advanced the user technologies are. With the integration with Uber partners iOS and Android, the rideshare service has gained only additional benefits.

How to Make an App Like Uber: Tips for Business

When you tend to create an app like Uber, you should focus on the core features offered for clients:

  • Geolocation and course-plotting

Sure, GPS technology is used in app management. Additional features like routing allow optimizing the work of the engine. Google Maps are mostly used when a passenger needs to define where he should be picked up.

  • Online Payment Integration

The integration of online payments makes the entire ride more convenient. Thus, the developers must assure secure and instant payment methods. It often requires SSL protocols’ use.

  • Registration and Account Management

It is always easy to create Uber account. Thus, your application should have the same convenient registration process, navigation, and menu.

  • Improved Messaging Between Driver and Client

The clients must be easily notified once using the app. It can be SMS, push notifications, or email. The developers should cover the Uber phone requirements first.

  • Timely Push Notifications

The advanced push notification service allows improving communication. It must be assured by the top communication providers.

  • Advanced UI and UX Design

The Uber mobile assures advanced UI and UX design. This issue needs a more complex explanation and planning.

  • Ride Cost Valuation

This basic feature is assured by the diversity of offered cars in the service.

Revenue Streams in Apps Like Uber

Once the clients of Uber download the app, they use it for rideshare often. The company has come up with effective revenue streams that include the following:

  • Basic traffic cost (a fixed fee for the ride service);
  • Payment for reservation;
  • Per-minute charge;
  • Per mile charge.

Uber has an active pricing model. Still, it can be influenced by some bad weather or accidents on the road.

How Much Does the Uber App Cost?

Once you know how Uber works for driver and passengers, you can ask your biggest question. How much do apps like Uber cost? If you consider all the factors that influence the development of an app like Uber, the estimated cost is between $55,000 to $120,000 for iOS and Android platforms.

The Final Price to Create an App Like Uber

There are millions of clients who find Uber app the top rideshare application in the world. The company indeed uses quite a pricey mobile app development strategy. In fact, the taxi app development takes thousands of dollars to be completed. It also requires a decent tech stack and team, a strong marketing campaign, and an effective revenue strategy.

Advanced Tech Stack and Team

The company has hired the most advanced Uber tech stack and team. Thus, with the professional strategy and advanced technologies used, the final application had no real competitors on the market. It allowed providing a solid rideshare service. Besides, the advanced Uber technologies address the needs of both drivers and clients.

Final Thoughts

There are a few people left who do not know how to use the Uber app. This world-leading rideshare company assures effective rideshare service, provides secured online payments, offers reservation options, and improved routing. This highly profitable application is the demonstration of how an Uber app for android and iOS has improved the company’s revenues greatly. Also, it is the top illustration of an advanced innovative taxi service that gets millions of users every month.