How Will iOS 10 Change the App Development Environment?

Maria Rats, Writer

Apple fans across the globe wait with anticipation for a new version of one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Every year, iOS comes with a set of new great features and modifications to meet the expectations of their users. As soon as the new model of device arrives, customers look for the slightest chance to upgrade their iPhones to take the fullest from their device when it comes to performance and improvements.

Announced in June during another WWDC hosted by Apple, iOS 10 is a new version of the OS that has already been released. Although debuted on September 13, the new system was available for the application developers in beta version only making it difficult to work with the system in full swing. Nevertheless, iOS 10 still appeared rather influensive and changed the traditional approach established by developers. What has actually changed and how? Read an article below to learn more.

How Will iOS 10 Change the App Development Environment?

Ads for App Store Optimization

iOS came up with some changes made by Apple. From this moment, all developers are able to proceed with efficient ad campaigns within the app store. Those who have already worked with Google AdWords will hardly face any difficulties here. The idea is the same. On the one hand, it will give developers a chance to enable an efficient app store optimization through the search. On the other hand, companies and stratups will get an opportunity to modify the rates.

This is only the first but not the only advantage of the new version of the system. iOS 10 has a selection of additional hits for content owners and marketers as well. They include:

  • Tools to Modify the Price – If you use a subscription price as the major method of monetizing your app, iOS 10 makes it easy for developers to set the subscription pricing. On the one hand, they offer more flexible product for users who can now decide whether they need a premium version with an unlimited access to all app option or they do not want to overpay and need to downgrade their subscription without facing any difficulties;
  • Earn more from Subscriptions – Apple decided to let developers come up with higher profits and increased the subscription revenue share. It went up by 15%. It is 85%, which is certainly a good news for companies and startups. For customers, this improvement means lower prices, extended free trials and more greater things to offer by the developers;
  • VoIP Calls with CallKit – now developers have a chance to implement VoIP calls inside their application by means of CallKit. All you need is to integrate native UI with VoIP application;
  • Advanced SiriKit – The majority of iPhone users appreciate Siri in their devices a lot. The digital assistant has proved to be efficient and helpful when it comes to completing voice commands and performing different tasks. This great example of artificial intelligence for mobile devices has recently received an extended list of features delivered by iOS 10. SiriKit includes messaging, online payments, booking and registration services, advanced search and more;
  • Messages API – Developers will have a chance to make their iOS application more attractive for the customers as well as more user-friendly thanks to messaging API. It lets them built their own stickers, emoji and other great things that are so popular in the market of messaging applications. For users, it means more capabilities when it comes to the extension. They will not need to download several different apps to proceed with both messaging, ordering or purchasing;
  • Program for iOS Developers – This time, you may benefit from extra features and bonuses provided by the Apple Developer program. Once you have decided to join it, you will get an access to some great features including tracking customers at the App Store in spite of their country or location, access software available in beta versions, use a selection of different beta tools and advanced capabilities for the application. Imagine, that you have built an award-winning application for iPhone. The new OS will let you invite your potential customers to use your app as the beta version and decide whether to download its full version or not. It is a great opportunity to build a strong feedback and gain reputation and popularity with target customers. In other words, users will have a chance to try your application before it is submitted to the App Store.
How Will iOS 10 Change the App Development Environment?

Final Word

iOS will make it easier for developers to reach the global audience. They will have a chance to bring their new ideas of iOS apps to life considering some new improvements and OS modifications. On the other hand, users will benefit from a better interaction with third-party apps in addition to extended Siri features and some other great tools that will certainly improve customers’ experience and shape the mobile world in a new way.

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