The times of CD and flash players have passed. Listening to music has gone 100% online. Users now do not have to download their favorite track or song. They can listen to it with only one click using award-winning mobile music apps. A number of new musical apps is overwhelming. The niche becomes more competitive each day featuring new advanced and up-to-date tools. They let you benefit from your favorite band using your smartphone or tablet. App developers try their best to persuade users that live streaming channels are the best bet whenever we want to take our favorite music with us. Is it really so? Are music apps so essential? Is there any other alternative?

While some developers are mainly aimed at making money from subscriptions and charge fees for streaming, others come up with remarkable free products. Their main mission is to provide a full access to the music industry as a whole. Providing tracks for rent will hardly be a good idea in case you want to gain the same success as iBroadcast app hailing from the United States. The application is available on various mobile and web platforms. Some may mistakenly think that iBroadcast is another streaming source in addition to tons of other apps. However, it comes in the form of a huge storage resource that plays YOUR music.

You can use the app to listen to your favorite music whenever you have a device connected to the Internet. The application can be used together with other sharing and storage tools like Google Drive or Dropbox. These tools let users form a library featuring their own tracks that will be imported later. Moreover, you will have an access to some features and tools that will make it easy for you to manage your libraries in accordance with your tastes and preferences. Here users can create their own playlists and more.

iBroadcast from the inside

iBroadcast team includes some of the best Android and iOS developers, QA specialists, project managers and UI/UX designers. They implement innovative ideas and creative solutions making the app more advanced and attractive for all music fans. Rod Collen, who is the co-founder of the app, has revealed some of the key secrets that made iBroadcast so popular.

When launching the project, the idea was to let users transmit their own media to themselves using all possible devices that have a connection to the Internet. The application was launched several years ago along with some other cloud-based storage applications. Developers were aimed at letting users get a full access to all available media data whenever they needed. The core vision of the team is still the same. It has not changed from the app origins.

Rod also revealed some fact related to the development team that currently consists of internal developers. Despite the fact iBroadcast is already enormously popular among users, the team never stops developing and modifying the app to exceed the expectations of music lovers. As the team becomes more focused on details, new developers are very likely to join the team in the nearest future.

Targeted audience

In case you are not eager to pay for streaming as well as rent tracks, iBroadcast is certainly the best bet for you. It means that you are also in its targeted audience. The application is focused on users who want to benefit from convenient storage of their own tracks and playlists. In other words, every devoted music fan is a potential iBroadcast user.

What differs does iBroadcast from competitors?

With a growing number of music apps it is rather hard to offer something unique and exclusive. On the other hand, the niche of music applications is evolving with so many great features to explore. iBroadcast appears to be a unique storage resource. You buy a track and use the application to store it featuring an unlimited access to your entire library. At the same time, users will hardly find more convenient and efficient tools to organize, manage and listen to your favorite music online.

The main feature of the app is the fact it never deals with selling music. Whenever you pay for a track, you buy it directly from your favorite singer or band. iBroadcast will only help you to keep it secured and safe from downloads by the third parties.

Development and monetization

Creating a music app will hardly be a new task for an experienced developer. The process has some basic features and stages equal to any other storage services and applications. On the other hand, some challenges are still necessary to be taken. Any music app should meet users’ requirements. Otherwise, it will never be a success. Discovery and in-depth research of the market are essential. Whenever a developer will figure out how to exceed customers’ expectation, his app will take the audience by storm.

As soon as you attract a number of users and keep them engaged with your app, monetizing will hardly appear to be a challenge. Music apps offer various ways to make money. On the one hand, your revenue will grow rapidly. On the other hand, you will not have to get involved in incorporate ad campaigns.

Efficient marketing campaigns

iBroadcast never deals with some huge commercial purposes. The application is currently running some local ad campaigns aiming at refining the product. Promoters use those tools to benefit from constant users’ feedback and improve the application according to their needs. The situation may change in the nearest future. Keep in touch with the latest iBroadcast updates. Application co-founder is hoping to add video options as well.

Although many available streaming services are extremely popular nowadays, the situation might change within the next following years. On the one hand, streaming apps are perfect for record labels and end users providing them a full access to a selection of bands and artist. At the same time, we should also consider the interests of singers as well. They are the last to benefit from streaming services. They simply lose their money. iBroadcast operates in a different way. It lets users purchase track directly from artists.

Moreover, streaming services are temporary. In other words, they do not let you create your favorite collection of tracks while storage services will not only let them proceed with forming a library but also protect it. Now you have a chance to create an essential collection of tracks, singles and podcasts with a full access to all managing tools. If God is a DJ, Life is a dance floor!

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