Apple seems to change its approach towards not only iOS users, but also developers. The official company representatives have already announced brands future plans to establish a new level of cooperation with developers. Apple makes some crucial changes in its policy letting them use promo codes not only for applications, but also for in-app purchases as one of the most reliable and efficient app monetizing models. This is actually the first time iOS app developers will have a chance to deliver promo codes to their users in order to stimulate in-app purchases and enable some more efficient marketing strategies.

What is a promo code?

If you are new to the mobile app development and online shopping, you may find it useful to know what the term actually means.

A promo code is a combination of figures and letters customer may use in order to get discounts when shopping online. All you need is to insert the code and benefit from lower prices. The same thing will be with in-app purchases.
On the one hand, it will let developers launch more versatile and flexible marketing strategies and attract some new potential users delivering promo codes as an access to some new extended app features in the beta version. On the other hand, users will certainly appreciate discounts and special offers delivered together with promo codes.

Easy ways to get promo codes

No matter if you are a developer or user, you will certainly want to get your hands on promo codes. Here are some ways how developers can get them and deliver to their target audience. A developer should take the following steps:

  • Choose a promo code they need (Apple delivers promo codes for both new versions of the OS as well as for in-app purchases. Moreover, developers can also benefit from available renewable subscription services);
  • Send a request for promo codes (Note that only marketers, application managers or administrators are allowed to send requests).
  • Wait for approval by Apple representatives.

If you are on the other side and need to redeem promo codes as an app user to get discounts, free trials and more benefits, you will meet fewer difficulties and obstacles. The procedure is simpler. The method of getting a promo code will depend on several crucial factors. They include:

  • The type of your device (iPhone, iPad, etc.);
  • The version of your OS;
  • Personal information available in your account in the App Store.

All you need is to Log in to your App Store account and find the Redeem Option. If you access your account via PC or Mac, just press the Redeem button. You can find it in the iTunes Store.

Good and bad news

In spite of all advantages and potential for both developers and users, promo codes have some slight drawbacks. The main miss is its limited supplies. In other words, you will never be able to get or redeem as many promo codes as you need.

Developers can request not more than 100 of them for every separate service. Imagine that you have a gaming app available in the App Store. Every time you want to sell an item, you can request only 100 promo codes. The same thing is with premium versions and other features to unlock. Moreover, your promo codes can expire in case you do not use them within the first 28 days.

Final word

Apple seems to make many efforts aimed at restyling their App Store to meet the expectations for modern generations of customers and developers. The new model of the marketplace lets app developers introduce some new models of making profits from their products. The company has already introduced its search app remodeling the store and enabling some efficient app store optimization strategies. The only question is how developers will act having such new and yet unknown tools. How will those promo codes affect the entire concept of the App Store? How will the marketplace change in the nearest future? Will the impact of the App Store change?

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