We all use messengers in order to keep in touch with our friends and relatives 24/7. However, sometimes we do not have some free seconds to write even a short digital note with congratulations or reminding. This is where drop messages may come in handy especially if they are tied to the location. Whatever and whenever anything happens, it happens in a specific location.

For this reason, the idea of location-based messaging tool does not sound too surprising. On the one hand, it brings users tons of fun featuring high level of engagement with the app. On the other hand, it appears to be a useful tool. Moreover, it may bring millions of dollars to its owners. We already have some examples of successful startups in the niche featuring billion-dollar investments.

Launched by a group of enthusiasts, Drop Messages appeared to be an extremely successful startup when it comes to location-based messaging. This time we are going to have a closer look at factors that determined the success of the startup costing billions of dollars.

Differ from the rest

If you come up with an app that differs from others, you are likely to succeed. There is nothing wrong in following the example of some big names in the niche. However, the possibility of making the wrong choice or obtaining less efficient experience is rather high. Moreover, you are the one to implement some unique features that will make your product stand out from the rest.

As for the Drop, the initial idea was to provide a brand new and unique way of getting in touch with people across the globe. Developers wanted to make that experienced linked to users’ location. It all started with Zach DeWitt who is a co-founder of the product. He was simply fed up of writing his roommates messages reminding them of throwing the trash away. Unfortunately, he forgot about his reminding when everyone got home. This is how the idea of location-based messaging as actually born. It is always great to send notifications to your friends and colleagues from your favorite bar or cinema. On the other hand, such services can come in handy to notify that a user is okay after the storm or disaster in a particular area. Leaving different messages at locations has already turned into a new trend. The traction reveals tremendous results.

A winner of the TechCrunch Boston pitch-off

The product can already boast some prestigious awards and prizes in addition to a win at the TechCrunch Boston Pitch-Off. According to the co-founders of the Drop, they’ve never had a better experience. They managed to leave more than 150 different teams behind and get to the top 15 by the final. They were lucky to become the only team selected by four judges from that pool. The same day they got the approval from the App Store for their newly established product. In six hours, the entire team of enthusiasts got on the stage to receive their reward.

Pitch-Off appeared to be not only a great platform to make a good debut for the application. It hosts an enormous community of investors. Some of them noticed Drop Messages including Atlas Venture, Spartak Capital and some more. These are currently the top three largest investors. At the same time, the event appeared to be a good experience when it comes to meeting new interesting people related to the mobile app market in different ways.

The team was lucky enough to raise $1.25 million. However, the entire process of fundraising is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. It is not just meeting the investor who gives you a huge pile of bucks. Moreover, choosing the wrong partners may lead to inevitable consequences and total failure. As for spending that sum, the team has several primary objectives. The first goal is to extend the development team making it more versatile and flexible. They promise a new selection of award-winning features that require a bigger developers’ team for implementation. The rest of the money are spent on establishing new collaborations, partnerships and promotion strategies.

Possible app monetization strategies

There should never be any delusions that an award-winning product is only about helping people. Every startup is aimed at gaining profit. It is 100% natural thing. Drop Messages is not an exception. On the other hand, the Drop team does not seem to opt for the first monetization tool, as its aim is still to deliver a well-curated content to users based on their locations. This is actually why Drop was built. The foals are still the same.

NYC scavenger hunt

#nycDROPS has brought a wide range of new potential partnerships and collaborations for the team. For instance, SoulCycle is one of the most popular healthcare and fitness studios in the United States. The collaboration includes some free classes provided by Drop team to let SoulCycle learn how to use allocations around the Big Apple increasing users’ engagement and impression.

The entire #nycDROPS project turned out to be a huge success. The company managed to get on well with such popular brands like Uber, Magnolia Bakery and some more. Although the campaign has yet been launched in NYC only, it will still be available in some other cities leaving a huge selection of prizes from some of the biggest names and most recognizable brands in the USA.

Every time a person receives a drop, it is one of the best and most pleasant experiences. When someone is thinking of you, it makes you feel really special, doesn’t it? This is what Drop Messages actually does as a startup. Its main goal is tom make its all users feel themselves special. We wish the Drop team all the best. We are looking forward to introducing some new brilliant features.

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