We are the team of dedicated specialists ready to meet your expectations when it comes to developing award-winning apps. Our company represents a local pool of experts that stand out from any other outsource companies or remote developers. How many times have you suffered from inability of independent companies to do their job the way you want it? How many times have they failed to meet the deadlines? How many times have you exceeded your budget because of developer’s lack of proficiency and managing skills?

Those times are over for good. We are here to deliver full-scale developing services to build a prize-winning product and make it hit the headlines. We really hate when companies deliver bad services. It is all about the development process and its structure. The lack of clear structure and steps may result in a total failure. We decided to reveal our app development process roadmap to highlight its key stages making it clear for you how we are going to handle your project.

We keep exploring

Understanding the customer is the key to success. The idea is to think as a customer. A developer who is able to be in his or her client’s shoes will certainly succeed and vice versa. Whenever you fail to understand your customer’s expectations and key objectives, you will never be able to handle the task.

For this reason, we never stop exploring and discovering our customers’ needs. This is actually the first stage of the development process. Moreover, we never stop monitoring the application market to keep in touch with its latest trends. Our goal is to be aware of all things and features modern customers look forward to. Our company managed to establish efficient collaboration with other teams on regular basis. We constantly share our experience to take the fullest form each other’s customer experience.

We stick to agile methodology

Our team stick to a set of essential principles related to Agile methodology. This is because the major part of our customers introduce different startups in spite of the niche. Agile methodology has proved to be the best bet when it comes to startups.

What is actually a startup? The term stands for itself. On the one hand, it means the exploration and construction of the product that will bring profit and success. On the other hand, it is supposed to be a problem-solving product with the aim at putting an ease on people’s lives and turning the entire world to better. Making profit has always been a primary objective for all startups. They hardly come with any altruistic issues.

Many of you may think that having a bright idea is enough. Well, you cannot even imagine how many times you will have to make changes and amendments during the development process. Our clients hardly have a clue what assumptions come along with the custom software development and programming. Our experts will face numerous factors to evaluate and test before implementing a particular feature.

Considering all the above-mentioned, Agile methodology appears to be the best solution. It delivers enough flexibility and visibility to our every customer. Some companies still follow traditional one-step waterfall model delivering the final product at once. However, we are sure that clients must witness he process evolving and the product changing with their own eyes.

Tips to increase visibility

We use the transparency as our main concern, as we are actually a remote development team. The mission is to make our customers always aware of who we are, what we are busy with and why. We have enabled a set of efficient communication means to let our clients effortlessly get in touch with our experts whenever they need.

You are free to contact any of our teammates whenever you want. Moreover, we provide a full set of features and tools letting customers track the progress, access review and reports, offer new ideas and more. You will hardly face any difficulties when discussing any issue with us. All our team members can boast fluent English.

We regularly arrange special meetings and invite our customers. After every meeting, we send a summarizing letter highlighting the progress of the project featuring all necessary data and stats. In addition, you are free to request weekly or daily reports that will reflect the status of the project, what has already been done and what we are working at now.

The structure of our app development process

Every project consist of a particular number of iterations. Each iteration represents a part of the development cycle featuring its own functionality. Every part of the cycle calls for particular collaboration and teamwork that may range from development and design to deployment. You can check with all results and stats at the end of each cycle session or iteration. This will give you a chance to think of some potential changes as well as introduce new ideas.

It all starts with planning. At first stage, we determine all the main steps of the development process. Our company delivers full-scale services that also include maintenance and remote it support services. The idea is to ensure the product success after its release.

Published by Dana Adams
Content Marketing Manager