Outsourcing has already proved to be an efficient business model in spite of the field or specialization. Outsourcing an app development is also a good idea whenever you want to benefit from a timesaving strategy and hire professionals to complete the most challenging task. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a project manager of your own app? Outsourcing will finally make your dream come true.

With so many independent teams and freelance application developers, you will hardly face any difficulties in opting for some proven professionals. At the same time, you will be able to proceed with an efficient monetary commitment making sure that your product will get to the top list of applications on in a chosen app store. You will be able to track the entire development process from a distance making any changes and modifications you need.

Keeping in touch with the entire route from a concept to promotion and marketing is vital whenever you want your app to become successful and profitable. If you still have any doubts about the efficiency of app development outsourcing, here are some facts and tips in favor of such business model.

Define the purpose of your future app

The first thing you need to do before launching the development process is to define the purpose of your future app. Think of what you expect from it. Otherwise, you will be unable to deliver your ideas to freelance developers. The result can be different from what you expect, which is nothing but a waste of time and money.

Surf the net in search of other alike applications. Compare and contrast them to give a clear definition of your future product. You should also think over its key features like:

  • Social media integration;
  • Log in and sign in tools;
  • In-app monetization features;
  • Freemium, premium, free or lite versions;
  • Compatible with separate or all major app stores;
  • A native or cross-platform application and more.

These are only some of the general features you need to think over before hiring independent developers for outsourcing. As soon as you are 100% ready, you can start looking up for a team of professional outsourcers.

Looking for a development team

If you now the type and features of your future application, you will know exactly whom you want to develop it from scratch. The best bet is to choose a developer by his or her skills. Check with team’s portfolio whether it contains the examples of alike apps. Always pay attention to the main specialization of every developer. For example, if you want to create an app for Android devices, you will need an experienced Android app developer and vice versa. The same thing with iOS, Windows Phone and other mobile platforms. The key goal is to make your product compatible with customers’ devices and OS.

You can use various sources to seek for a professional development team. The easiest one is to use freelance platforms and place your advertisement there. The main advantage of such approach is that you can plan your budget and charge your price. At the same time, you can compare profiles of various developers and choose the one that meets your expectation.

Negotiating the project in advance is another key to success. Provide your developer with all necessary information starting from a platform to future monetization features. This will ensure both sides that you are speaking the same language.

Make sure that candidates read the requirements carefully to have a clear understating of what you want from them. Ask them to write “Best iOS Developer” in the first lie of their post letting you know that they have read your post accurately. Do not be afraid to ask for more information. A candidate who is interested in getting the position will certainly prepare a sufficient information always ready to answer your any question.

Using special forums and freelance sources is a good idea, as you will benefit from imitate bids on your product. You are likely to get several offers within the first hour. Do not rush to hire the first candidate you like. Compare and contrast all available profiles and keep concentrated on the key skills and features. Sometimes it may take from a couple of days to a week to hire a professional you need.

Get to know your candidate better

Talking to your bid before hiring is a good idea. The main mission is to discus every aspect of the future product. Use real-time communication services to be sure that the bidder is the one to answer your questions. You can use all available tools ranging from such massagers as Skype, Viber or ICQ to a selection of social networks. Conducting an interview is a vital step in hiring a freelance app developer.

Use video conferencing tools to see your bid personally. This fact may also influence your choice. Whatever you opt for, always use rea-time platforms to avoid waiting responses for a long time. Time is money especially when it comes to developing a successful app. Meeting deadlines is a vital skill.

Conduct an interview

No matter how experienced and skillful a developer is, your cooperation will never be successful without efficient communication. Having the same vision of the product is crucial. You need a partner who will understand what you need and who is easy to understand himself. Otherwise, it will turn into a waste of time and total failure.

The best bet is to prepare a set of questions related to previous experience in outsourcing. Find out which platforms are the most preferable for development. Always ask to show you some of the best projects completed by a candidate. Some experienced freelancers have their own websites featuring previous customers’ reviews and testimonials. Pay attention to every detail when communicating with a candidate. If he talks in a responsive and intelligent manner, it will certainly be another place on favor of the bidder.

Negotiate the price

You are free to set your own price for a particular project. It is up to every bidder whether to accept your conditions or not. On the other hand, you should be always ready to negotiate he price. This is due to the fact that most web resources charge fees when applying for a particular vacancy. You can post your work offer free. At the same time, bidders sometimes have to provide a percentage from their fee. However, you can always stick to the initial price in case you have a limited budget.

Also, pay attention that as soon as your candidate accepts the offer, it means that he is in charge of all other fees that may occur during the development process. It is his own responsibility not to exceed the budget. At the same time, the more qualified developer is the higher price he can ask for. Being willing to pay more for en efficient partnership is another crucial moment when choosing a bidder for the project.

Set a list of milestones when outsourcing app development

Once you’ve made up your mind with a candidate to work on your project, you need to provide him a list of essential milestones of the future cooperation. They mainly include some key points of the project as well as primary tasks, deadlines, features and more.

The best bet is to create a working schedule or calendar. A developer can get offline for a couple of days. Nevertheless, he should indicate the stage of the development process as per schedule making you feel relaxed about the work going on. Ask your bidder to provide regular updates of the working project indicating the stage or task. The calendar will also determine the payment schedule. For example, you can proceed with funds transferring per every completed task or process. Money motivation is another great tool letting you keep the control over the project.

Developing a list of milestones or goal posts is a good thing whenever you want to keep in touch and approve of every step made by the developer. On the other hand, you are not supposed to be too intrusive. Your bidder is supposed to be an experienced professional. One will hardly appreciate constant interruptions. So, try to be loyal but still keep in touch with the project updates.


Opting for an independent app development team is a good chance to come up with an award-wining app and introduce it to some leading mobile marketplaces. However, you should not rush into a first bidder only because you need to complete the project as soon as possible. Try to be picky and accurate when comparing and contrasting candidates. Never be afraid of asking questions and establishing efficient communication system. Every small detail will affect your future success.

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