How to Develop an Anonymous Social Networking App

Social networks have evolved over the last few years. They are being constantly modified to exceed the expectations of the users...

Why to Develop Widgets for iOS Apps

For many years, Android has been pushing forward small app components featuring efficient mobile widgets displayed on the home screen...

Travel App Development: what to consider

Efficient travel apps will always be in a huge demand in spite of the season or weather forecasts. Building a great application is always a great chance...

Building a Social Networking App – Technologies to Use to Develop a Social App

Although it seems like there is nothing else to discover in social networking apps, they are still considered by many innovative and creative developers...

Develop a Shopping Assistant App With Artificial Intelligence: how to start

Modern life has turned into a rat race. People are busy with their daily responsibilities and rarely have time to do shopping...

ODMP Mobile Memorial to The Fallen Heroes

Although the mobile app market has turned into one of the most profitable niches, some developers are still trying to build something valuable and efficient...

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