Latest Trends in Music App Development

Music is life! Presented in all possible genres and styles, it finds the reflection of people’s personality and shapes their lifestyle in a huge way...

How Can Healthkit and Google Fit help to Develop A Fitness App

The niche of healthcare apps has recently turned into a real boom. Teamed up with software developers and programmers, healthcare providers make many efforts...

GitLab Merge Requests to Do the Code Review

Whenever you look for a chance to make the development process as efficient as possible, a code review will appear to be a handy tool...

What Mobile App Design Trends Will Appear in 2017

Modern trends shape the development of any field. Influenced by technological and cultural background, they tend to change and establish new rules...

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Dating App Like Tinder

With an overall cost of $2.2 billion by 2015, online dating industry has turned into one of the most profitable niches for app developers and marketers...

How Much Does It Cost to Develop WhatsApp?

A good and efficient messenger is certainly the tool every smartphone must have. Despite the fact there are plenty of offers at some leading app stores...

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