Technologies are taking over every single part of our life. We now have ride-hailing apps, apps helping us to find love, apps for the swift delivery, and even apps that help us concentrate on important things by stimulating us not to get distracted by, well, apps. It looks like to remain competitive, every business should adopt innovations and shift towards digital.

Property and facilities management industry is not an exception. Relying on pen and paper to keep records is now the things of the past just as three-ring binders with documents stored in a basement archive. And still, to truly benefit from all the opportunities of the digital age, the industry now has to further shift from PDFs and spreadsheets to specially designed management systems.

As the development of digital solutions has now become affordable, business owners can hardly find any reasons not to invest in technologies that will further let them be truly data-driven and more cost-effective. Forward-thinking companies actively rely on software solutions which helps them dominate the market.

Which technologies a company should adopt in 2019 to transform into a truly digital business? And how the industry may benefit from going digital? Let’s take a look at some examples.

Streamlined and Automated Processes Boost Productivity

From leasing to maintenance, property and facilities management is all about tedious, time-consuming processes. This is why bringing automation to every possible operation may be game-changing.

Managing tenants’ applications, collecting payments, or signing lease agreements may be all done online. 3D virtual tours may partially replace showings and automated tenants notifications may in some cases substitute live communication. With better accounting practices and easy tenants’ management system, the staff has more times on their hands. As a result, scaling up the property management business becomes possible.

Besides, technologies add value to the business both from the tenants’ points of view (which can translate into higher rents and lease renewal rates) and from the employees’ standpoint (businesses get a chance to attract better talents). Digital property management business is also more attractive to investors.

Efficent Maintenance and Contractors’ Management

Maintenance processes can also be improved in many ways with the help of technologies. Let’s imagine a typical situation when a tenant calls to report the leaking roof. Without a handy backend database, a property management agent would have hard times finding all the relative records to make the right decision.Recently repaired roof with a valid warranty case should be treated in a different way than a constantly-leaking roof issue. The thing is, having all the records logged in one place is crucial for swift and efficient decision-making.

Contractors management is another maintenance process that can be streamlined. With the help of a mobile app, managers can easily track the progress of any work: photos made during check-in and once the job is completed are there to help. Thanks to GPS technology, the app will show the location of a contractor, which means no overcharging for the time spent on an order.

Better Experience for End Users

While property management is more about the interests of the owner, facilities management cares about the end users e.g., corporate tenants’ employees. And here’s where technologies bring endless opportunities for improvements.

There are already apps that help employees adjust lights and temperature within their individual zone, apps that allow employees to order food from the office eatery via the app instead of waiting in line.

Sounds impressive? It is, but a few companies now stepped further introducing the concept of intelligent buildings.

Imagine a facility where security system lets you inside the building by scanning your identity; where temperature and lights in the conference room automatically adjust with regard to the number of the meeting participants; where a conference call starts automatically at the set time. It may sound like science fiction, but thanks to the Internet of Things all these things are now real.

Saving Costs with Smart Facilities Management

Intelligent buildings are not just about better end users’ experience. The property owners would also benefit from efficient energy use. In smart buildings, sensors manage lighting, air conditioning, and heating in the best possible way which leads to reduced energy use.

Besides, facilities management technologies let property owners collect and further analyze data on space usage. Chances are, the inspection may show property space may be organized in a more efficient way. According to research, some companies happen to waste almost half of their space. If the received data prove this was the case, renting out extra space to generate revenue may be a good idea.

Better Planning and Budgeting

Using facilities management software is indispensable when it comes to controlling and reducing operating costs. Having all the necessary data at hands it is easier to anticipate maintenance expenses and ensure the proper functioning of the facilities.

Facilities managers have to consider a number of factors to create a comprehensive budget: proactive maintenance, emergencies, seasonal needs, and hidden costs. Still, with the right tools, it is easier to plan better.

Dedicated software helps facilities managers analyze which assets need repair and maintenance and to further properly allocate the budget.

Starting Your Digital Journey

When we talk about technologies disrupting the way industries operate, property and facilities management is not the first thing to come to our mind. And still, more and more businesses in the industry choose to take advantages of going digital.

Technologies allow them to make data-driven decisions and do better at strategic planning. They understand that investing in software solutions equals to saving resources, time and money in the future.

At the same time, every company willing to become more digital should understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for property and facilities management. Every business has its own needs and resources that require a dedicated software solution.

Decide on the processes that need automation the most and think of how your business may benefit from transforming these processes with the help of technologies. That’s where your digital journey may begin.

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