Here at JatApp, we deal with all types of the development process including the stage of project estimate promptly delivered to our every customer. This stage is necessary in order to provide a clear picture of what we actually charge for as well as to define the exact timeframes and deadlines for every task in particular. The stage of estimates include two crucial issues. They are as follows:

  • Rough estimate;
  • Detailed estimate.
  • This time we are going to talk of the first issue and features as a part of the rough estimate.
What does the term “rough estimate” means?

First of all, our team needs all your requirements and instructions for the future project. You need to describe all features and functions you want to see in the app in the end. Once you are done with the requirements, we create the rough estimate within five days and deliver it directly to the customer.

The idea of the estimate is to show the development process in separate blocks and checkpoints for every separate task letting clients observe a clear structure. Such approach makes it easy to come up with any necessary error corrections as well as revealing some hidden tasks vital for the project implementation. A rough estimate is formatted in a document available for the informational purposes only.

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Rough estimate chapters

The document includes several fundamental issues divided into chapters.

Chapter 1

This chapter includes a whole bunch of tasks and timeframes necessary for their implementation. This part also contains some rough calculations of maximum and minimum time needed to complete the project. The idea is to bring a clear vision of the scope for the customer.

Chapter 2

This chapter reveals some alternative solutions in case any of the planned features cannot be implemented due to platform or other limitations. We try to predict any possible obstacles on the way to success including the lack of resources, availability of necessary technologies and some other crucial issues.

Chapter 3

Our experts specify some of the most intensive components that may require extra skills and advanced technologies. They include the most money and time consuming components in order to establish a more cost-effective strategy for the development process. We look for decent alternatives and other efficient solutions without any detriment to the quality of the future product.

Chapter 4

This chapter is for questions and suggestions. After we have all requirements and the scope of the work, we establish an efficient communication with the customer. The mission here is to discuss some argumentative issues and offer a better solution. Here we start a collaboration together with the client to have a mutual vision of how the product should look like in the end.

Chapter 5

The last chapter is mainly devoted to our expertise suggestions. Our specialists are looking for the slightest opportunity to optimize and modify your future application in accordance with available technologies and tools.

Our suggestions may be related to some design issues in order to increase the level of the application usability and make it more attractive for the target audience. Our pool of UI/UX designers uses modern technology and always follows the latest design trends. They will decide whether it is better to implement a burger menu or animation in order to ensure great user experience.

As for the technology, we perform an in-depth research of the main rivals in the niche including similar apps that have turned into the biggest names in the segment. We consider all their technological pros and cons and suggest alternatives or equal solutions. Our developers work with tools they are experienced at. They implement trusted and advanced technologies that have proved to be of great efficiency for the applications of any type.

Building MVP

The stage of creating MVP version is the crucial part of the development process. Minimum Viable Product will make the task less time consuming and expensive. At the same time, it reduces the risk of any possible errors and mistakes from the start. You will have a clear vision of the final project and the way users will interact with it.

After all formalities are completed, we are ready to sing a contract with the customer in case he or she is satisfied with all statements from the rough estimate. Once the contract is signed, we launch the stage of project planning. It includes the detailed estimation delivered to our customers.

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