You will have a closer view at some leading services and dating applications like Tinder, Hinge and some other great products that have changed the industry and determine its main directions for development.

Tinder – a combination of premium quality and individual approach

In 2012, InterActiveCorp has introduced its award-winning service also known as Tinder. The app has taken the audience by storm from the very start. The platform relies on word-of-mouth and targets several specific demographic categories. The brand gained a huge success within a short period of time due to three crucial factors:

  • Decent presentation;
  • Efficient marketing campaigns and launch parties;
  • High quality of the application.

Tinder was initially launched to target university students. University of Arizona campus appeared to be a great marketplace for promotion with a wide selection of potential users. Girls have been chosen as the prior target audience for the new dating app. Later the product was presented to men as well. A growing popularity of the service resulted in the wider area to cover including not only university, but also bars, cinemas and other venues that host different events or put on shows for students. Several parties have been thrown where the app installed on a mobile device was a major requirement for every guest.

In spite of all marketing campaigns and launch parties, the app quality is actually the first and foremost reason why Tinder is so popular with users today. From the very start, it delivered amazing dating experience with no spam and stalker. Moreover, it featured an easy and intuitive decision-making algorithm. The product was gaining popularity each day. In only one year, it could boast more than 10,000 users within several college campuses. Going from one college to another, Tinder continued gaining more potential users as well as shifting its features and functions. Today, Tinder covers many cities and countries turning into a perfect example of an award-winning dating application with a success many startups struggle to achieve.

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Hinge – sensational dating App to change the dating industry

What was launched as a typical dating website has eventually turned into a revolutionary new dating app. Debuted in 2013, Hinge came up with a new efficient method for online dating. It lets users find dates based on various factors including personal interests, marital status, photos, mutual friends and other information from your Facebook account. The app actually embraced Tinder mechanics and got a name “Tinder for thinking people”.

The main idea of launching a new dating service was the ability to discover. Users are fed up with typical hookups, dates and more. They call for a better social exploration. This is actually what Hinge offers instead of weird profiles and endless swiped brought to you by Tinder.

A massive launch party thrown out in Washington, D.C. appeared to be another reason for the application success and popularity. It let the bran grab the attention of potential users from different parts of the country. Today, Hinge covers over 28 cities across the nation boasting 4 million matches per day.

Grindr – defining a new social influence

Grindr made its debut on the nine dating market back in 2009. It actually appeared to be the first application based on mainstream location. The service was initially promoted at the gay bars with some slight representation on gay web resources similar to Queerty. The platform starting gaining popularity among gays some of whom were rather popular including celebs like the British actor Stephen Fry. He was the one to mention a new dating app in one of the Top Gear episode on BBC in 2009.

The effect was amazing. Within the next two years Grindr could boast a rapid growth by 1.65 billion times in addition to about 100,000 monthly downloads! Every startup can only dream of such success and development. Grindr today features more than 2,000,000 daily users. This amount seems to grow in the nearest future considering some award-winning features and campaigns launched by the app.

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Pure – dating Uber clone

Launched in 2013, Pure is the result of a great teamwork of two Russian entrepreneurs. The idea was to create a fast and simple tool with a selection of essential features. The mission was to let users arrange dates and meetings without wasting time on useless talks. The service has some award-winning functions like calling a taxi, for example. The target audience includes sex-positive people who do not want to waste their time and get involved in the dating instead.

Of course, the main aim of the application is to let people arrange short dates for one night. Instant real dates are the main idea of the service instead of long relations, endless talks and night spent with typing and typing. The service does not feature users’ profiles and delivers 100% anonymity and confidentiality. The matching algorithm is based on dating requests created by users. Every time you want to get involved in an offline date, you need to specify your location and time for the meeting.

Pure has implemented several efficient strategies to ensure a rapid growth of the product. One campaign included a popular feminist writer Carol Queen to perform as a social advisor to attract the female target audience. The initial version of the app was available for a closed private circle of iOS users in its beta version. By that time, the waiting list included over 100,000 potential users who wanted to take the advantage of the new social influencer. In 2014, Pure was introduced to Android devices as well.

Her – efficient and easy way to go social

We have already discussed some ways and methods to develop an award-winning dating app and keep your users engaged. This time, we will review several successful products and technologies used for their implementation. Let’s look at some best dating platforms and the way they influence the dating industry today.

Lesbians and pansexual females form a huge potential market place when it comes to mobile dating applications. Her is probably the most popular and developed social service for this particular category of customers. Some of you may have heard about Dattch, debuted in 2014. Well, Her is actually a re-launched Dattch with some crucial improvements and modification.

That was a part of a huge rebranding strategy after the brand managed to rise about $1 million funding and moved from London to the Big Apple. The idea was to widen the target audience and cover not only lesbians, but also queer females, bi-curious and other non-binary individuals who are in search of friends as well as new relations.

Her is not just a dating app. It has some features of online dating service and social network. Here you can get an access to various extended options like microblogs, friend lists, editorial content, comments and more. Tinder-like swipe is here as well. Although the app is yet available for iOS users, its Android version has already been announced. It will certainly let the service extend its users’ database and build a stronger community.

How can you use the experience of best dating APPS?

The success of the above-mentioned dating apps is determined by several vital components. You can use them whenever you need to develop and promote your own dating service. Let’s have a look at those components:

  • Target audience – specifying your users is the first and foremost key to success. All your ideas should be focused on your potential users. Consider its demands and requirements when launching the development process. We have the example of Pure that is based on the idea of fast and easy hookups. The functionality meets the requirements of its users who do not want to spend time typing messages.
  • Go further beyond matchmaking – acting like Her developers is also a good idea whenever you want to provide your users with a further beyond matchmaking experience. You can form your own community and share content that can be interesting for your target audience.
  • Consider social influencers – all the above-mentioned dating services rely on social influencers. We have the example of Grindr – the app that managed to boost its growth within one night thanks to only one mentioning by Stephen Fry in Top Gear episode on BBC. You will hardly find such influencers in spite of your app demographics. On the other hand, you will get a perfect opportunity to implement a stronger and more efficient promotion campaign.

Dating market faces a tough competition today. It is overloaded with apps of different types. New ideas will let you stand out from the crowd. We do hope you will find the information useful and inspiring.

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