The mobile app market has faced a tough level of competition over the last decade. Developers introduce their award-winning apps aiming to meet the targeted audience and make a profit. Most publishers often have difficulties in choosing the right marketplace for their products. Choosing the right App Store is not as easy as it may seem for generating much profit. While the majority of publishers prefer the easiest and most common $25-route at Google Play, other can opt for a list of alternative stores.

Major stores come with a wide audience. We have collected a list of more localized marketplaces featuring specialized users to benefit. Some of them offer more tools to make money in addition to a set of additional advantages if compared with traditional Google Play.

SlideMe – alternative app store for business

Although it is not as popular as Google Play, SlideMe is certainly among the most recognizable and trustworthy stores when it comes to mobile applications for business. It made its debuted even earlier than Google Play did, offering a wide selection of products available on Android devices.

Major pros include low fees and additional payment options like PayPal. You only need to pay 20% for every purchased app copy.

Amazon Appstore – fire OS dpp store

Amazon Appstore is not as long-running marketplace a SlideMe or Google Play. On the other hand, it has already made a name for itself as one of the leading players in the mobile app market. This store will be a good choice for developers who are aimed at delivering their apps to Fire OS users featuring Kindle Fire, Fire Phone and other devices from the series.

This App Store can boast a huge advantage letting publishers deliver their web and HTML5 application to the marketplace. Amazon Appstore it already has a wide range of users in addition to thousands of new applications. It offers an easy navigation and search system that is convenient for both publishers and customers.

1Mobile Market – alternative app store for free products

We have once discussed how it is possible to make money from free apps. 1Mobile Market is a specialized marketplace for free applications only. Here you can generate your success making the application popular and put it on the list of top products. The store will deliver an essential experience letting your test your product in real time.

The store does not charge any fees for uploads and subscriptions. On the other hand, here you can come across a selection of great apps featuring high quality making 1Mobile Market a good place to start your successful career.

You will appreciate the store no matter if you are a professional developer or beginner. The rating system is based on users’ preferences and recommendations creating an efficient customers’ feedback that will eventually help to design an award-winning application for major marketplaces.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

There is nothing surprising about the fact that a leading Android phones manufacturer decided to create a separate app store. Although Samsung Galaxy Apps can hardly boast a huge number of applications, it certainly comes with a set of advantages if compared with bigger stores.

The main advantage is that every device already has an installed marketplace letting you benefit from a wide customers’ base. So, you can save your time and get involved immediately.

Mobile9 – perfect app store for a well-developed product

Mobile9 was designed to let users share different apps, leave their comments and reviews like you do it on any social network. The store no features millions of customers who actively interact with each other. Such a huge database will certainly appear to be beneficiary unless you introduce a low-quality app.

Free publishing is one of the main advantages in addition to an enormous download rate considering a comparatively small number of publishers. Here you will certainly get your app noticed.

Opera Mobile Store – essential app store for Russian mobile market

Opera Mobile Store will guide you to one of the biggest global markets. It will introduce your app to millions of Russian customers due to a direct link to Yandex. Whenever you want to have your representation in the Yandex App Store, this marketplace will certainly be a good choice with more than 100 million monthly visitors and millions of daily downloads.

You do not have to pay for publishing. On the other hand, the store charges 30% of every sale of your applications.

Mobango – best Google Play alternative

Mobango is another great alternative app store with millions of users. Publishers can benefit from thousands of daily downloads and a comparatively small developers’ representation. It means that you will hardly face any difficulties in taking your app to the top list of most downloaded products in the marketplace.

The store never charges any fees for publishing. There are no percentages from any sale. Mall – versatile alternative app store Mall is the best bet whenever you look for a marketplace that combines applications of different types. Here publishers introduce their applications for ebooks, games and other types of apps. The store offers a more varied approach that will eventually result in a lower level of competition for both customers and publishers. The store is about to be expanded to audiobooks, music, and videos in the nearest future.

The fee for sale is only 20% while any upload is free of charge.

F-droid Marketplace

F-droid is among a few marketplaces that totally depend on donations and volunteers. The store was designed for free applications only and never follows commercial needs. Publishers are not allowed entering the market with paid ads and other monetization features.

No costs and a huge customers’ base are certainly among the biggest advantages letting publishers test the popularity and running of their every app.

GetJar – great app store for freemium products

Whenever you opt for a freemium model for your application, GetJar is certainly the right marketplace to choose. Here you can take the advantage of the in-app currency and adverts.

The store introduces an efficient recommendation service in addition to more than 30 million users.

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