Online payment has changed the world letting users proceed with different types of transactions with only one click. Now you have a chance to do shopping without leaving your apartment, while the dream of online wallet has eventually come true. On the other hand, the idea of bringing internet financing online has always been of the main priority of many developing companies. The revolution of online wallets is about to start. You have a great opportunity to try some of the pioneer apps and services benefiting from the most objective test drive based on your personal experience.

Paying with the help of a smartphone is not new to millions of users across the globe. However, there are still many features ti discover and implement. Available applications can hardly be considered as perfect. Nevertheless, they let you pay for products and services, transfer funds and proceed with other operations using your portable device.


PayPal is a proven veteran when it comes to online payments. Although it is a pioneer in the niche, it still takes leading positions in the market featuring over $300 million processed daily. The system is still a leading player. The mobile application keeps it alive available on all major platforms. The service offers some great features and is still one of the most recognizable and reputable payment options.

The service was designed to put an easy on funds transferring within the system. All you need is to have a valid email address and start sending money to your friends and relatives who also have PayPal account. On the other hand, the system offers higher fees and fewer features if compared with some newly established services that come as the main competitors on the market. Nevertheless, one will hardly argue that PayPal is far ahead of its all competitors.

GOCARDLESS comes as the simplest way whenever you need to collect recurring funds. It has a selection of essential features. The service is 100% automated in order to avoid any possible human errors and other factors that may lead to failure. The fees are rather low if compared with PayPal, for example. They are actually twice lower.

The service offers a wide range of powering payments for companies from across the globe introducing more than 20,000 merchants. However, GOCARDLESS does not have its own mobile app. On the other hand, a smartphone-friendly website will let you easily proceed with necessary operations using your portable device connected to the Internet.

TransferWise comes as a clever solution to convert currency whenever you need to send money to your friends or relatives abroad. The idea is to prevent you from making a single international transfer as well as paying numerous fees for converting and more.

Imagine that you need to send euros but have only pounds. Instead of paying high fees for converting, the system will make two local transfers. The original sum will go to the sterling account and then euros will be transferred to a European account of your friend. The service has already introduced the mobile version of its website letting you use this essential online financial tool whenever you need in spite of your location.

Online banking

You may eventually forget those times when you needed to rush throughout the entire neighborhood in search of an appropriate ATM. Clients can now proceed with all necessary transactions and purchases online, as all major banks around the globe have brought their services online. All you need is to log in and complete any type of payment ranging from rate or cell phone balance to online shopping and more.

We have numerous advantages of US-based banks like Bank of America or Chase. The last one takes pride is probably the best and most efficient mobile banking app. It boasts an attractive design in addition to a selection of features to please every customer. iOS versions deliver additional functionality letting a user access their account using Touch ID.

VENMO connects users with the same accounts letting them pay each other with only one click. The money will be transferred immediately. You are free to link the service with your valid banking account as well as social network. Peer-to-peer transfers are available for those who opt for VENMO.

The service takes leading positions in the field due to loyal pricing that is actually the most competitive among all other services on the market. Users will benefit from detailed feeds on every transaction monitoring the money flow whenever needed. The system charges fees only in case you use your credit card to proceed with the payment.

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Online shopping

When SQUARE founders came up with an idea to develop their award-winning service, they were aimed at letting everyone accept credit cards when buying or selling goods and services. The service comes as an efficient tool for sellers making it possible for them to run their entire businesses. Buyers will benefit from fast processing of every transaction whenever they need to reserve a table in a restaurant or pay off the debts.

SQUARE certainly makes online commerce as easy as possible processing millions of dollars daily. The service has introduced its SQUARE Wallet app. All you need is to check-in in at a particular store using an app. SQUARE will do the rest.

Google Wallet
Available for US-based users only, Google Wallet lets them proceed with all possible types of operations. You may use this prize-winning wallet app to transfer funds to other user using only your email. The system offers its own plastic card that will be linked to your account. All funds on your Google Wallet will be available in cash. You can withdraw it in the nearest ATM.

In spite of efficiency and functionality, the app appeared to be less successful than expected with several false starts. However, the company made necessary changes and modifications to re-emerge that product that now takes leading positions in the niche.

You will hardly find an easier and faster way to pay than LevelUp. Based on QR code, the service comes as a perfect tool for businesses to proceed with a local transaction. All they need is to scan their mobile devices.

One-touch mobility payments have never been easier before! 100% of customers appreciate additional loyalty programs and rewards. The service delivers a selection of efficient analytic tools in addition to ROI-driven strategies and campaigns, processing savings and many other great features to benefit from. Users may additionally get discounts, bonus points and other rewards when purchasing at stores that take part in loyalty programs.

The app does not charge any registration fees and is absolutely free to use. All you need is to link your account to your credit or debit card.

Samsung Pay
Although available for Android users only, Samsung Pay is an easy and fast way to proceed with various types of transaction. The service provides a high level of security from any types of frauds. The main mission is to make all types of transactions as simple as possible.

Samsung Pay security system is based on several safety layers. Moreover, it does not store your personal financial data. It is kept separately and never shared with third parties. Paying without worries is one of the main benefits of this app.

Magnetic Secure system is the very feature that now keeps Samsung Pay ahead from the main competitors. On the other hand, the system loses a huge share of customers and users due to its Android device accessibility.

Are you fed up with waiting to pay your restaurant bill? Would you like to be treated like a real VIP? Then TabbedOut is certainly the application you need. The service was designed especially for diners who have a real value of their time and money. You will hardly find a better app to pay at your leisure. Whether you are planning a date in a porch restaurant or simply visit your local bar for a couple of beers, TabbedOut will let you pay in advance with only one click. The service offers 100% safety and control over your operations. Users will additionally benefit from loyalty programs, bonus points, and various other rewards.

TabbedOut will prevent overpaying in case you have a limited budget. There will be no unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives. The company has announced its collaboration with Google Wallet. It means that the system can be easily integrated with TabbedOut.


The niche of mobile wallets was started not so long ago. However, it has been in a huge demand for many years. The industry comes with several revolutionary tools that bring the dream of paying via smartphones closer than ever before. New technologies come alongside advanced features that result in the evolving of some established and new services. Both have already turned our portable devices into digital wallets that we always carry in the pocket.

Not all projects appeared to be successful. The mobile world has already witnessed several failures. On the other hand, the range of efficient apps is enough to choose from the one that will meet your expectations. It is hard to predict who will eventually win the race. But, is it actually necessary?

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