We keep discussing the way mobile world shapes our daily lifestyle. Developers are searching for unique and capturing features to attract as many new users as possible. They come up with some great ideas implemented in their prank applications that are becoming more and more popular each day. They provide tons of fun and joy. Whenever you want to pull a prank on your mates, check out an A-list of top 10 applications available in the market. Have fun!

10. Icon drops

Do you really think that Isaac Newton was right about the gravitation? iOS app developers seem to make another revolution in the world if science. Icon Prank-Photo Drop application will take all your icons to the bottom of the screen ruining the laws of gravitation once and forever. You can use any image or photo instead. The app comes with much fun. Available for iOS platform only, it has already gained much popularity with iPhone users.

9. Impress your friends

The Jerky Boys have already introduced tons of great and funny applications to have much fun as well as make fun of your friends. This time, they developed an app that lets users contact others using some phrases of famous characters.

8. Time to run

Another great app represents a false alarm. All you need is to set time and put your phone away. At some point, everyone around will hear the alarm looking for the fire out there. But, everything is cool. You are out of danger. It is just an old-school 100% proven joke.

7. Bless you

This app is actually equal to the previous one. It comes with fake sounds. People will hear sneezing instead of a fire alarm. Put your smartphone aside and watch people running with tissues and saying: “bless you”. If you think that imaginary sneezing has always been a joke for dummies, you should obviously try it.

6. The bug brother is watching you

The main idea of the EvilEye app is to make everyone think that the government watches their every step. The application is integrated with an automatic device tracking system. All you need is to indicate a phone number of your friend, the system, will identify his or her location at once. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The app actually tracks the phone that is also used for pranking. In other words, anonymity is not guaranteed.

5. Said a flea to a fly in a flue

You can use your app as remote control of a virtual insect that will appear on your friend’s computer screen. You can control the fly from the distance. All you need is to download JumiFly application and use your phone as a pointer. Your annoying digital alliance can do some great stuff like pooping and so on. Your friends and parents will certainly go crazy. The app has all the possibilities to come up higher than the current position.

4. Total hoax

One can hardly argue with the fact that iPhone comes with some great security features. Phone Security Pro features a fingerprint analysis to identify a person who is touching the phone. You are the one to decide whom to provide access, otherwise, it will be denied. All you need is to set an app to Allow mode letting you access its options and features by touching the screen with your finger. You will hardly face any difficulties to enable or close the application anytime you want.

3. Cracks and scratches

Wanna make your friend go nuts? Well, Break It app is certainly the one you will appreciate. Whenever you want to make fun of your friend, us the app to make his phone look like broken. Watch how hard he or she will try to fix the screen of their precious. This is going to be real fun. Try to keep them calm afterward not to be bitten.

2. Scared to death

You can come across a huge selection of scary maze prank applications available for your iPhone. All of them follow the same mission, which is to scare your friends to death. Most of them are equal and follow the same scenario. A scary app starts as a pleasant and nice simple game. A pranked person starts playing the game and gets involved in the process within 25-30 seconds. And then boom! A scary monster appears on the screen shouting and screaming. It’s classic. You can stand there and watch friends’ hair standing to end. Try to keep people with heart diseases away from such ones.

1. Pranking Remote Control

Some may think there is nothing special about this app. It can hardly count on the first place in our list of award-winning apps. However, let us show you how a remote control app can freak your friends and relatives out. You will only need to download an application that turns your smartphone into a TV remote control. Optimum is a good example of such an app. It provides total control of all TV sets and devices along with DVR. The app will automatically synchronize with the TV box and change the channels whenever you need.

You will never face difficulties to use the app even if your friend is watching his favorite TV show in another room. With only a couple of touches, his cable box will turn into a nightmare. You can change the volume or simply switch the TV off when your father is watching the Super Bowl. Then you will need to run as fast as possible because revenge is a dish best served cold.

It is up to you to choose a preferable prank app. All of them come with tons of fun and merry moments. If you are not satisfied with the selection of applications, you can develop your own app to make fun of your friends and relatives. The niche will never be overloaded with offers. Unique and creative ideas will certainly let you hit the headlines and take leading positions in the App Store. You may think over some monetization features as well or simply charge a minimum fee for the download. The key to success is to persuade users that your product is worth buying it.

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