HR Software Development Services

Create custom HR software to seamlessly handle administrative tasks and effectively deal with recruitment and talent management. We can also improve your HR and recruitment operations by optimizing your existing solution.

We develop software aimed to improve HR and recruitment

At our HR software development company, you get vetted engineers to develop applications that make talent management better. With us, you can build a cloud-based HR platform, mobile apps for talent acquisition, or enhance your existing software.

  • HR digital transformation
    HR digital transformation
    Partner with our HR software implementation consultants to digitize recruitment and HR processes.
  • New application development
    New application development
    Build a full-fledged software solution to improve labor management and recruitment practices.
  • Team augmentation
    Team augmentation
    Add external technical expertise to your in-house team to develop custom HR software for recruitment agencies.

Transform HR through technology

Team up with JatApp to build software that will help companies attract talent, manage employee databases, streamline onboarding and recruitment processes, track employees’ performance, and handle payroll operations.

  • Automate manual processes
    Help HR professionals reduce time spent on recruitment, employee onboarding, attendance management, and other administrative tasks.
  • Monitor employee performance
    Develop tools and platforms to increase employee engagement, get real-time insights into the team’s performance, and increase team productivity.
  • Optimize recruitment operations
    Build your own applicant tracking system to filter potential applicants, communicate with them, and effortlessly hire the right talent.
  • Streamline employee training
    Implement a custom e-learning management system to help companies provide employee training, upskilling and reskilling programs.
  • Improve payroll management
    Develop payroll management software that streamlines payroll operations allowing companies to keep their financial records in order.
  • Develop a result-oriented culture
    Help companies align employees with a company's goals using an OKR or other framework and a convenient tool for goal tracking.

Custom HR software solutions 
we develop

Whether you want to improve the hiring process, automate payroll, or increase employee engagement, we provide recruitment software development to help you achieve your goals.

  • Applicant tracking systems
    Applicant tracking systems
    Recruitment is a complicated multistep process that can be simplified and automated using digital tools. We can help you implement an ATS that allows recruiters to manage all applicants on a single dashboard and onboard candidates quickly and easily.
  • Employee engagement apps
    Employee engagement apps
    JatApp has experience in employee engagement app development. We've built a solution for conducting employee surveys and tracking their job satisfaction level. With our team, you can develop a platform that will increase employee retention and reduce staff turnover.
  • OKR software
    OKR software
    OKR is a popular goal-setting framework that however, doesn't work effectively in all companies. We can help you create an application that doesn't only simplify goal setting and tracking objectives, but also helps companies master OKRs and benefit from them.
  • Payroll software
    Payroll software
    Manual payroll approach is cumbersome and leads to human errors. Our team can work with you to deliver a payroll solution that performs accurate calculations, keeps companies compliant with tax regulations, and maintains a full record of financial transactions.
  • Employee training platforms
    Employee training platforms
    With JatApp, you can build a learning management system (LMS) for course creation and delivery. An intuitive course builder, advanced analytic tools, seamless integrations – we have a large experience in building software that makes learning more effective.
  • Job boards and marketplaces
    Job boards and marketplaces
    JatApp can help you build a job board or a marketplace with tools for job seekers and employers. We can develop websites to let employers post vacancies, update job descriptions, schedule interviews, and let job seekers search for jobs.

Engage the right team 
for a successful project

Once you decide to create an HR and recruitment solution, delegate the development to our expert software engineers. The JatApp team combines Agile best practices and modern technology to build scalable and reliable applications.

The right team for a successful project

  • Microservice architecture
  • Cloud technology
  • Orchestration
  • Containerization
  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Product thinking
  • Continuous delivery

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