Outstaffing Services

When you put a goal to develop an app, you need to procure a good team of IT-experts. And we have an awesome solution for you: what about the outstaffing services? Our company has gathered in house great IT-professionals. Together we have already successfully launched a lot of projects for various companies. Now we want to share this experience with you and offer you our outstaff services. If you need to hire a developer, a project manager or any other expert, we will find the best candidates for you. If you need to hire the entire outstaffing team, that is even better, and we will offer the most appropriate outstaff professionals for your tasks. This is what they will do for your goal.

Business Analyst

Our Business Analyst will identify what kind of product the market needs, how it should look, work, function, etc. Practically the Business Analyst will be the connecting link between the management and the outstaff, dealing with both organizational and technical sides of the development process.

Project Manager

The Project Manager will elaborate the adequate plan of the development process and its schedule, define the assessment criteria and control the pace of work. Major part of documents issues will also be covered by the Project Manager, including regulations between the parties involved: regular, outstaffing or outsourcing companies.

Android or iOS developers

The outsourcing services we provide give you a choice. You can hire iOS deaveloper, hire Android developer or both. Actually, neither of these platforms can be ignored as Android takes about 80% of the market and iOS is a specific niche giving companies great opportunities.
We will provide you with a team of app developers for hire with+ years experience on both platforms. Whether you hire iOS developer, or hire Android developer, they will undertake the entire chain of tasks from the concept development until the final release.

Backend Developer

Our Backend experts, working as an outstaff agent or provided by our outsourcing services, will participate in testing and debugging any possible system flaws. If you hire app developer from us, on outsourcing or direct basis, you will be completely protected from any defects.
In general, our app developers for hire have already shared their responsibilities to provide each kind of service in the most efficient way and earned rich experience being constantly busy in outsourcing projects. They will come, do their work as outstaffing developers, and then, if you need it, they will provide you with after-sales IT outsourcing services.

UX/UI designer

Our designers will elaborate perfect user-friendly interface for the application. Companies, choosing services of outsourcing type, know that only the coordinated cooperation of UI and UX designers will assure both perfect appearance and functionality of the app.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Our QA Engineers will assure top quality by using multilevel QA testing approach to detect and eliminate any flaws appearing in the application on the development stage. Being one of the best experts on the outsourcing services market they are aware of the latest clients’ needs and demands.

Hire Your Outstaffing Team Today!

Unless you are one of the large scale companies with numerous permanent projects there is no point to hire in-house specialists for a single case of product development. Choosing IT outsourcing services would be much wiser decision. When making a choice, please, mind that IT outsourcing doesn’t give you such control level as the IT outstaffing does.

Choosing to hire developers, make benefit of our outstaffing services. Providing reliable outsourcing staff, we will provide you with the best service you could only expect.

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