Cross-Platform VPN Solution

Our client is a privately held company based in Panama that creates unique tools for users to control their personal data online. With its main goal of ensuring secure and boundless access to digital information, the company helps millions of computers and mobile users worldwide.


The Client came to us with a concept idea for a cross-platform VPN solution for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, routers and browser extensions that would help users exercise their indispensable right to Internet access independently of the geographical location.

Major Challenges

  • Build and align the system across all platforms.
  • Create custom VPN protocol that will allow to bypass all geo restrictions and to make the product work in such countries as China, UAE, Egypt, Iran and others
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JatApp's Strategy

After a rigorous technical research stage, a fully defined specification was agreed between the Client and JatApp. Then responsibility for delivery of the project was passed over to our Project Team that started the development of a MVP product for both iOS and Android platforms.

After the MVP showed its viability, JatApp proceeded with the project development of a complex software product, which includes iOS, Android, Mac, Windows applications as well, versions for routers and different web browsers. The largest part of the project was the DevOps section as the solution required over 2,000 servers to be setup initially with the number expanding constantly.

The product works through 3 different VPN Protocols: iKeav2, Open VPN and SmartVPN. Smart VPN was developed by our specialists from scratch and allows the user to bypass any geo restrictions. Currently, there are 20 JatApp software engineers working on this product. In addition, to the delivery of the project, JatApp assists in the strategic development and marketing of the application.

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Technologies Used

  • C
  • GO
  • ReactJS
  • PHP
  • Yii2
  • Python
  • Kafka
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • SQLite
  • Ansible
  • Redis
  • Bash
  • Zabbix


Our solution became a reliable foundation for the company’s business. Bringing together highly-skilled software developers we successfully delivered a software product which we continue developing and supporting. Our VPN solution is already used by more than 1 million users worldwide.

  • VPN solution is used by more than 1 million users
  • Utilization of best DevOps practices means a secure and robust product.
  • The Client benefited from a 50% cost savings with a team in Ukraine.
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