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Improve Your Land Productivity
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PharmNode is an IoT based solution that improves efficiency and sustainability of farming industry by offering compelling monitoring solutions of fields performance, analytical reports and predictions enabled by artificial intelligence.

Client country: Spain


JatApp goal was to create global farming intelligence solutions that would serve local farming challenges. Among them are minimizing costs and environmental impacts, reducing potential crop losses and managing risks throughout the growing season.

WHY PharmNode?
  • family locator

    Targeted and Efficient

    Advanced and innovative technology based on agronomy driven expertise and high flexibility to target specific industry needs

  • Specific Analytics

    Detection and analysis of complex agricultural problems ensured by unique data fusion and processing methodology

  • Better Prediction

    Web Analytical Dashboard is the key module to navigate and assess all the upcoming data and get all the information for optimal decisions and precise predictions

Features & Benefits
Grow the best crops
Grow the best crops

Take right and timely decisions based on the valid data

Ideal conditions for each plant

Control key parameters to provide the best growing environment

Real time analytics

Evaluate highly detailed conditions data on different fields in real time

Issues prediction

Evaluate and make treatment decision in advance. Profile and segment your fields to address specific problems and isolate infected areas

How it works

System includes sensor end-nodes, gateway, a cloud service, mobile and web apps

Sensors monitor set of different environment params e.g. soil and air temperature, humidity, etc.

Gateways receive telemetry stream from sensors, decode and preprocess the data and then relay information to the cloud.

Cloud hosts all the business logic, receive the incoming data from gateways and mobile scouting apps and do the data processing and calculations using analytical and reporting engine.

Sensor to gateway link is based on the LoRa protocol. Gateways send data to the cloud over 3Gcellular network and WiFi. Each node sends data every 10 minutes to the gateway over a LoRa link, where each data packet consists of up to 20 parameters.

Mobile App allows workers to send geo-tagged information from the field. Photos of plants and issues, notes and suggestions.

Web Analytical Dashboard is the key module to navigate and assess all the upcoming data and get all the information for optimal decisions.

  • Python
  • LoRa
  • AWS
  • DynamoDB
  • D3.js
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Realm Database
  • Google Maps API
  • Vue.js
  • .
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