PreQuest is a web platform created for school students planning to pass the ISEB Pre-test. This is a set of online, adaptive tests taken in English to support admission into the UK independent schools. The aim of the platform is to prepare the students for and emulate the style of questions found in the assessment as well as to find and fill in the gaps in students' knowledge. PreQuest is divided into three different levels; Foundation, Intermediate and Year of Test. Each stage focuses on a separate part of the educational process and is connected to the previous materials – a revision will provide practice and ensure that lessons are remembered.


Platform functionality was developed from scratch and aimed at covering four principal educational program areas, all of which are tested with multiple-choice questions. On the other hand, the platform was created for school students, so creating a design that would encourage them to study and at the same time turn it into a creative adventure was our priority. The web platform includes functionality both for students and their parents. Extended dashboard functionality was developed to ensure smooth and user-friendly user experience for all types of users.

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JatApp's Strategy

Based on prior experience with E-learning platforms, JatApp has taken up the development of this project on its early stage. The development process started from detailed business analysis aiming at the anticipation of all possible business cases and meeting users’ expectations. During this phase, JatApp team defined all possible interactions with the system for students, parents and system administrators.

After the client’s requirements gathering and analysis, JatApp development team prepared detailed project specification and started the development process that lasted around 6 months. A team of 2 Back-end developers, 2 Front-end developers, UI/UX Designer, QA and Project Manager worked hand in hand to make the PreQuest project a success.

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Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • JS
  • JQuery
  • Firebase


JatApp created a responsive multilingual E-learning platform where a user can register an account, log in, start the testing process and obtain the needed training in order to pass the ISEB Pre-Test effortlessly and successfully. The workspace contains a complex logic of multiple types of lessons and tests, analytics and results dashboards. Interactive badges, animations, puzzles, and sound effects were added on the platform to make the user experience entertaining and motivating. PayPal was chosen as a payment gateway.

  • Non-verbal reasoning (solving problems using diagrams and patterns)
  • Verbal reasoning (problems working with words and language)
  • Mathematics (working with numbers, value, and sequences)
  • English (grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension)
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