Splitzy is a mobile application with the main purpose of splitting bills among peers and making sure that everyone gets what they've paid for. It allows users to easily add their friends on the app for the paid-bill they wish to share and everyone can settle their payments on the app with the e-wallet feature. Splitzy comes with functions like automated pay-back reminders, saved groups for those you often hang out with, and recurring payments for housemates dealing with utility bills.


Main features that had to be implemented were tracking user’s borrowings and lendings alongside with creating groups, tracking the balance and adding new expenses.

The app had to be designed in a way that would ensure easy-to-use experience. Signing up and paying the bill share has to be as easy as a click with the security code. User’s money and data should also be fully secured, all payments to be processed by the integrated payment system.

The main challenge, nonetheless, was to develop a bill splitting solution that would be completely commission-free. Given JatApp’s previous experience in the Fintech mobile app solutions, we were a natural fit to help Splitzy bring their concept to life.

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JatApp's Strategy

After the active phase of prototyping and business analysis, the MVP strategy was identified. A team of Back-end developer, 2 iOS developers, UI/UX Designer, 2 QA Engineers, and Project Manager worked for 4 months to implement the project while following Agile principles.

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Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Realm
  • Firebase
  • Kingfisher
  • Realm
  • Crashlytics


JatApp developed a native iOS application with the following features:

Select percentage split.Splitzy allows to its users to allocate the amount each individual should pay by amount or percentage.

E-wallet balance. JatApp developed an e-wallet that enables Splitzy users to pay and get paid instantly.

Creating groups. An app allows to create groups with friends and Splitzy will remember them the next time they want to split.

Security. A secret key feature was implemented, with the secret code user has to key in before sending the payment.

  • User-friendly and secure application that simplifies the expences splitting and payments
  • Intuitive design which makes the bill splitting process fun and easy
  • Transformation of user's digital payments habits

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