Our Process

1. Analysis

Every successful project starts with a good strategy. Mobile application development is not an exception. Our experts start their work with a deep market research defining its priorities and main trends. The next step is to create detailed application concept, figuring out its potential, functionality and general utility

2. Prototyping

Interactive and final prototype is the trump card in your sleeve. It is an essential step in the development process as it gives you an opportunity to really evaluate the concept and gather feedback from your target audience

3. Design

Depending on the purpose, functionality, target audience, market trends and clients’ preferences, our designers work out every element of the future app to make it user-friendly and eye-catching. We follow latest iOS and Android guidelines and ensure only highest UI quality

4. App Development

No matter how accurate analysis, prototype and design are, successful project completion depends on artful work of developers. Our first-class iOS and Android experts always provide clean code, making all the previous endeavors of the team reasonable and meaningful

5. Testing

It is hard to overestimate the importance of quality assurance engineering. Besides standard Android and iOS tools, we apply innovative testing technologies. We use functional, stability, stress, localization, usability and regression testing methodologies to bring our clients’ projects to life

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