Hire Your Dedicated Development Team

Fuel your development process with new expertise and skills of our highly qualified engineers. They will work exclusively for you either as a stand-alone team or as an extension of your in-house development team.

  • Reduce and Control Costs
    With access to the largest talent pool of IT specialists in Eastern Europe, we can quickly assemble an effective Dedicated Team and cut costs by up to 60% when compared to Western markets. Our transparent pricing model ensures your complete control over the team's finances.
  • Commitment
    The team is assembled exclusively for you, so you get highly loyal and motivated developers with a deep understanding of your business goals. Recruitment focuses on your requirements, ensuring that all engineers have the necessary expertise and skills to handle any task.
  • Control
    You can choose the best engineers and integrate them into your operational processes using direct communications. Our team can be managed just like your in-house one with you retaining complete oversight of your project and development.
  • Scalability
    Our Dedicated Team model will help you to overcome challenge with local engineering resources; scarcity, high cost, lack of expertise or inability to be scaled quickly. Utilizing a thorough recruitment process, we always strive to get you the talent you need.
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What Do You Get

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    Pass your requirements to us, and after our rigorous screening process, we will present you with the best candidates who will be a great fit for your team.

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    We take care to ensure the smooth onboarding of your new team members, set up all necessary operational processes and ensure their productive and stress-free collaboration.

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    Infrastructure and Facilities

    We provide all necessary hardware and software infrastructure and ensure all security measures for the smooth and effective operation of your Dedicated Development Team.

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    You can concentrate on the development process and growth of your business while we handle all legal and accounting requirements as well as payroll services.

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    Ongoing Team Support

    Our team focuses on high retention, great motivation and continuous professional development of your team members. A Positive team spirit and personal growth guarantee a stable and flourishing team.

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Our Recent Projects

Employee Engagement Surveying

Full Suite Survey Solution
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

For our Danish client we developed an employee engagement app for iOS and Android to enable teams to be agile, based on frequent feedback and dialogue about engagement, well-being and happiness at work.

Cross-Platform VPN Solution

Trusted VPN Service
  • Android
  • Desktop
  • iOS
  • Web

Cross-platform VPN software project for a company in Panama. The client needed the solution to work on mobile, web and desktop. Through the incorporation of various VPN protocols users are able to access any content, shield browsing and ensure secure internet access in all parts of the world.


Family Locator App for iOS and Android
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

Connected family platform including iOS and Android apps using AI algorithms. We were challenged by our Latvian client to build a strong and simple customer experience as well as powerful server infrastructure for geo-messaging and lifestyle mobile products.

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