QA & Software

Our QA services rely on the latest industry best practices and agile procedures with heavy automation to reduce testing costs and time to market. This approach allows delivering bug-free & robust software that provides a sublime user experience.

  • Full-Cycle
    Quality Assurance
    Our team conducts all software QA procedures from requirements analysis and testing strategy development to tests execution, evaluation of results and reporting.
  • Quality Assurance
    Consulting and Audit
    Ensure continuous quality, ease of scalability and total security of your products by revising your testing techniques and implementing the best industry standards and procedures.
  • Test
    Automate manual and repetitive tests to save time, cut QA costs and increase your team's productivity. Our established processes will ensure that your product is production-ready.
  • Independent
    Get a precise assessment of software quality carried out by an independent testing team. We remove bias and use the latest practices and technologies to identify bugs and guarantee the highest standards of quality.
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Our Testing Process

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Benefits of Our QA Services

Experience in QA

Our Extensive expertise in software QA allows us to deliver ready-to-use and secure products that meet the highest user expectations and optimize the Software Development Life Cycle.

Costs Savings & Faster Time to Market

Cut your testing costs and deliver your product to users faster with our agile testing methodologies and heavy use of test automation.

Establised Standards

We use in-house testing procedures and guidelines developed with the latest industry best practises and technologies, agile techniques and scalable approaches in mind.

On Demand Testing

Our professionals are ready to carry extensive testing of your product at any stage of its lifecycle to identify all issues and ensure the best experience for your users.

Our Recent Projects

EdTech Platform

Online Education Marketplace
  • MarketPlace
  • Web

Online Educational Marketplace for students to cooperate with peers and tutors to resolve any question related to their studies. Developed for a Cypriot company, this platform is now supported by our Support Services.

Employee Engagement Surveying

Full Suite Survey Solution
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

For our Danish client we developed an employee engagement app for iOS and Android to enable teams to be agile, based on frequent feedback and dialogue about engagement, well-being and happiness at work.

Cross-Platform VPN Solution

Trusted VPN Service
  • Android
  • Desktop
  • iOS
  • Web

Cross-platform VPN software project for a company in Panama. The client needed the solution to work on mobile, web and desktop. Through the incorporation of various VPN protocols users are able to access any content, shield browsing and ensure secure internet access in all parts of the world.

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