Today, the whole world is supporting Ukraine in its struggle for existence and justice. We are deeply convinced that business cannot stand aside.

JatApp is an international IT company whose main office is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Company’s position

JatApp condemns Russia’s war against Ukraine. We are convinced that victory will certainly be ours, as the Ukrainian people are a symbol of invincibility, and our defenders are real heroes!

Our commitment

In these challenging times, we continue to actively expand our team both in Ukraine and abroad. We believe that through joint efforts and partnership we can help Ukraine overcome this difficult period and build a future of prosperity and stability.

Common Goal

At JatApp, we are making the most of our knowledge, resources, and technology to support Ukraine at this critical moment and help promote peace.

How to help Ukraine

Support the military defence

The main governmental donation page for Ukrainian army

Donate to the supplies for the military

The biggest organization providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Provide the humanitarian help

The main governmental donation page for social needs in wartime

How We Operate

Evacuation and resumption of work in 2022

In 2022, we evacuated our team to western Ukraine and provided financial, psychological, and organizational support, quickly resuming our workflow.

We continue to actively hire

Even in this difficult time for business, we are actively hiring and are ready to support those affected by the war. We honor our financial commitments and pay salaries and taxes on time.

Support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We support internal volunteer initiatives aimed at helping Ukrainian defenders and respond to requests from our colleagues and their families who serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We also keep jobs for our colleagues who are currently serving in the Army.

What our colleagues are doing

Money for the army

Raise and donate money for ammunition and needs of the army

Defense of Ukraine

Join the Armed Forces and territorial defense of Ukraine

DDOS attacks

Make DDOS attacks on information resources of russian propaganda

Blood donation

Donate blood for wounded soldiers and civilians

Our team stays calm, we continue to do the best we can – work and support the economy. We are sure that the good will win.