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Going the same direction with the customer is the key to success in any business in spite of its field. The app revolution is shaping the world. Although launched only several years ago, it has already grown into the dominating force when it comes to business, entertainment, mass media and other essential niches. Considering the fact that there are no signs of slowing the process down, mobile application development appeared to be the major tool for competitors to grab their piece of a pie. The latest statistic shows that 77% of all popular on Earth is permanently online. Billions of people are surfing the net in search of necessary products and services. Most of them use portable devices and smartphones. For this reason, mobile application industry is in great demand nowadays. Tablets and smartphones were adopted very fast and soon appeared to be an inevitable part of people’s lifestyle. For the business such advances come with more opportunities to attract new customers as well as introduce new products and services. JatApp is your essential business partner whenever you need to build and promote your application saving time and money.


Why App is important for your business?

Mobile application development in London has reached a new level. Every app plays a great role in the daily life of Londoners. They use numerous applications to do shopping, to play games, to book hotel rooms or taxi. Over a half of London’s population regularly uses various digital mobile products.
According to the latest researches, there are more portable devices in the British capital if compared with PCs, TV sets and other multimedia devices. For this reason, modern businesses use mobile application development in London to stay in touch with customers’ needs and meet their expectations. Ignoring mobile marketing as well as the entire niche of mobile application development in London would be rather silly.

What Is JatApp?

Mobile application development in London is represented by various reputable agencies. They include well-established companies in addition to independent companies. JatApp is a proven leader in the field of mobile application development introducing the team of qualified experts. We have worked out an efficient and clear app development process guiding our every customer through all its stages. Generating some great ideas is the first and foremost thing we do. At this stage, our managers pay attention to every detail as well as your individual preferences and likes. JatApp team deals with the most complex tasks when it comes to developing award-winning apps for various mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Every product is customized to tailor the need of your business ion all its aspects. Our company guarantees a high level of customers’ impression and satisfaction.
Whenever you want something done great, you opt for true professionals in the niche. The same thing is with mobile app development in London. JatApp is one of the most recognizable app development companies not only in the UK but also in other countries around the globe. We managed to bring together some of the best programmers, project managers UI/UX designers, software developers and promoters in one place. We establish an easy-to-follow and clear collaboration policy. You are free to hire our professionals on an hourly basis instead of long-term contracts. In other words, you save time and money without any need in prolongation of the contract if you are satisfied with the result.
Mobile development appeared to be a new efficient business tool. It is beneficiary not only for companies but also for customers who now have a great chance to proceed with their daily things with only a click of a button. On the other hand, application development has certain things necessary to consider before launching.

Mobile Development Process at JatApp

Mobile app development is the main specialization of JatApp. We work with various platforms implementing innovative and advanced features and tools turning your ideas into a pearl of at App Store. This is all due to a clear and well-structured app development process that is available to our every customer. It means that you will have a full access to track and monitor the progress at any stage of the development process. We will make all necessary changes in case of necessity according to your preferences and likes. The process includes various key stages: discovering, developing, testing &maintaining, promoting. You can order any of the processes as well as our full-scale service from scratch.

mobile development process

Key Points to Develop a Successful Mobile Application

There are several key points that we take into account when developing a great app for you. Our experts proceed with an in-depth research and analysis of the niche to define the following:

  1. 1. App Popularity. The first thing we determine is how popular the app will be and how useful it is for the end user. The only way to answer those questions is to proceed with an in-depth research before launching mobile development process. Our managers and marketers launch various surveys, analysis, statistics, and interviews. Those tools appear to be rather helpful when determining if the app is going to be in demand.
  2. 2. The Purpose of the App. Defining the prior goal is another key moment. Every app is supposed to have a clear purpose no matter if it deals with business gaming or entertainment. Application development process must consist of research and analysis to collect as many data from the targeted audience as possible. It will make the promotion as efficient as possible in future.
  3. 3. Resource and Time Allocation. The mobile development process is all about investments. Every app is a financial investment as well as the investment of time. Whenever you look for a relevant service that represents efficient maintenance, smooth and clear operation of the pp in addition to some other benefits, welcome to JatApp.
  4. 4. Meeting Customer’s Requirements. We are very careful when defining prior business goals for our customers. Project managers take into account your every idea and preference to create the app that will exceed your expectations. This is what we actually do! Contact us and get your piece of a pie!
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