Every developer who wants his application to reach the target audience successfully should use the most effective tools and innovative mobile app development technologies. Flutter is a brand-new innovative mobile app SDK recently launched by Google Company that offers a wide set of benefits for business owners and app developers. This is an innovative cross-platform mobile app SDK that makes the process of mobile app development highly effective and very convenient. Many developers and business owners have already tested the possibilities of the Flutter platform. With a set of advanced possibilities and unique features, the new mobile app strategy based on the use of the Flutter can be implemented by modern developers who tend to assure fast and convenient development processes and excellent products in the end. It brings a new issue for mobile industry representatives whether to use its advantages or stick to outdated methods.


What is Flutter?

Flutter is an innovative Google’s mobile app SDK that allows developers to create exclusive and highly attractive applications on both Android and iOS platforms. Flutter covers various frameworks, tools, and widgets needed for fast and attractive mobile apps. It is easy to assure an excellent cross-platform app development with Flutter tools and possibilities. Moreover, Flutter allows developing both Android and iOS apps at once using a single codebase.

Flutter remains an open-source thus every developer is free to use it with its special widgets and tools. Moreover, it based on Dart programming language, in addition to C, C++, and Skia. It is easy to create and customize an app once assuring great custom app design. The modern reactive programming brings an excellent Flutter architecture, thus nowadays an innovative Google’s toolkit is becoming a real opponent of React Native.

Cross-platform development remains one of the most distinguishing features of Flutter. For modern developers, the mentioned advantage makes Google’s mobile app SDK a top option since it assures excellent mobile app development on both Android and iOS platforms. In fact, the modern mobile industry is greatly based on effective and seamless cross-platform development. Moreover, the new approach to mobile development can be very beneficial for developers who are constantly looking for new advanced technologies and effective mobile app development tools.


Flutter: Where to Use and Why

The Flutter development is a new page in mobile app development history. This advanced Google development kit was only launched in February of 2018. Nowadays, the entire development process with Flutter is limited to mobile apps, thus it brings limited possibilities for web development. Still, Google keeps constantly improving and upgrading the kit adding additional possibilities and functions. The company has recently launched a review of a future web platform that will allow compiling programming code written in Dart into HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

This new platform created by Google already offers a wide set of possibilities for developers who build applications for Android, iOS, and Google Fuchsia. The modern possibilities of the Flutter platform are also expanded on building mobile apps on Chrome OS. Google engineers have assured an improved performance of a kid, advanced support, internalization, and accessibility. With own widgets, use of Dart programming language and advanced architecture based on reactive programming, Google expects to assure a seamless web development process soon.

With the increased popularity of the tool among developers, we would probably get the needed web development functions freely offered in the nearest future. These days, Google’s development toolkit allows building improved 2D applications. It also allows creating full-featured applications, including network, geolocation, support for cameras, storage, etc. The possibilities of Flutter are really impressive. In fact, the well-known Google’s AdWords app was created with the Flutter toolkit, in addition to Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.


Advantages of Flutter Development

Flutter mobile app SDK is specially designed to improve the process of mobile app development. Google’s toolkit allows building faster and attractive apps. It also brings a bunch of benefits for developers and business owners.

  1. Hot Reload: Increased Speed of Coding

With the Flutter development toolkit, the developers can assure faster coding. Hot Reload allows monitoring of real-time changes, together with improving code immediately. Thus, it increases the efficiency of the mobile app development process, improves its convenience for app developers and owners, and assures better collaboration between developers and UI/UX designers.

  1. The Improved Design with cross-development Platform

Flutter is a cross-development platform that allows developing mobile apps once carefully checking their app design and functionality. The Flutter widgets allow creating attractive and fast applications, customizing them quickly once dealing with all developers and app owners’ preferences.

  1. Quick-Paced Projects Development

Flutter development remains the best-existed option for developers who need appealing MVP. Moreover, the platform allows for creating highly operational apps quickly. Furthermore, every application built with Flutter looks native on both Android and IOS platforms.

  1. Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms

Flutter allows developing both Android and iOS apps at once using a single codebase. Thus, there is no need to develop applications separately on two Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Developing for Google Fuchsia Platform

Flutter is the only possible way to develop an application for Google Fuchsia. The toolkit can easily deal with experimental Google’s operating system. At the same time, since Fuchsia is about to become a new top operating system for Google, the mentioned possibilities of Flutter makes it a really challenging toolkit.

  1. Dart Programming Language and Own Widgets

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK thus every developer is free to use it with its special widgets and tools. It is based on Dart programming language thus it requires less code. Moreover, Dart programming language assures reactive and declarative coding style.


 Disadvantages of Flutter Development

Since Flutter is a recently launched Google’s development toolkit, it lacks libraries and the professional IT support the native development has. The future toolkit’s upgrades are focused on dealing with the mentioned issues together with adding bonus possibilities for developers.

  1. Lacks Libraries and Support of the Native Development

The native development brings more possibilities for developers when they need to deal with libraries and support. It is mostly caused by the fact that Flutter is a new tool, thus its libraries do not contain the entire information needed to cope with every functionality. At the same time, Google support remains one of top quality, thus Flutter support will be improved in a bit.

  1. Limited Possibilities with CI/CD Systems

Flutter offers limited options when you deal with CI/CD systems. At the same time, the recently launched Codemagic app is about to increase the possibilities of Flutter and assure continuous integration support.


The Benefits of Flutter Platform Use

Flutter is an advanced SDK platform with an open-source, own widgets, and advanced cross-platform mobile development possibilities. This toolkit offers all the needed effective instruments to be used for fast and unified mobile app development and brings limited possibilities for web development. Google has recently launched additional widgets and apps that will improve the use of a cross-development platform in web development.

The biggest advantage of Google’s innovative platform is the ability of Flutter to assure a simultaneous mobile app development on both Android and iOS systems. Since this is the only possible toolkit to develop Google Fuchsia apps, the platform becomes more popular every day among business owners and app developers worldwide.

This is an innovative mobile app development toolkit thus it brings a new effective development strategy for business owners and app developers. At the same time, the innovative possibilities of Flutter allow building fast and attractive apps. Moreover, when you know how to deal with Flutter properly and stay well-aware of its advantages, the process of mobile app development becomes really fast and convenient. To the point, with its own widgets, use of Dart programming language, and an advanced architecture based on reactive programming, Google’s innovative toolkit remains a top option for developers and business owners these days. If you want to assure the most effective app development strategy for your company, reach JatApp to get to the top.

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