Robinson Lumber

Founded in 1893, today Robinson Lumber is a leader in wholesale international wood products purchasing, manufacturing, processing, & transportation,serving customers and suppliers in over seventy countries. The company is managed from its New Orleans headquarters, with offices and production sites around the world.


Robinson came to JatApp for help automating processing of data from foreign countries. Large quantities of low quality data greatly complicated further processing and integration with ERP and CRM systems making it difficult to carry out meaningful and speedy analysis.

Data came from different sources in weakly structured form and in various formats. In addition, there were errors in classifiers and duplication of information. Data cleansing had to be carried out manually, was time-consuming time and could not be scaled easily. There was no integrity control or unified classification system.

All data was stored in the form of excel files, which made it difficult to search and retrieve the necessary information.

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JatApp's Solution

Our engineers created a solution that would allow receiving, cleaning and storing of data for further integration with the ERP system. This would ensure automatic data cleansing for the majority of data points, plus notifications to manual users if the system was unable to resolve the conflict so they could be registered and processed by operators.

As a result, all information is now stored and categorized in the database which allows for the possibility of building various requests for integrity monitoring and backup.

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    Data Extraction
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    Data cleaning & Transformation
    • Proper Formatting
    • Elimination of Classifier Errors
    • Duplication Removal
    • Accurate Translation
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    Data Exploration & Reports
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Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • Pandas


The solution was created as an independent module, ready for integration with the ERP system and has its own web interface.All old customer data was processed and cleaned. This solution has significantly reduced the costs of processing information and significantly increased the quality of business analysis and strategic decisions.

  • Reduced the costs of processing information by 200%
  • Increased the quality of business analysis
  • Received a solution ready for integration with the ERP system
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