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JatApp is a winning combination of smart technology, innovative management approach, and talented people. We are mobile and web development company that partners with startups, medium and large businesses to build, improve and scale their digital products.

We strive for deep understanding of our clients’ challenges in order to provide them with agile software development that matches their business values and requirements. Our mission is to create a better future by helping our clients find best ways to bring new ideas to life using world’s best IT practices.
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How we work

Our core expertise lies in iOS, Android and web development. Together with quality assurance and project management, we have all the expertise you need to produce stable, profitable product. We use proven stack of technologies and programming languages such as Swift, Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc.

Our teams rely only on proven technologies and approaches that let us easily adjust to any changes as well as scale and extend our products. Agile principles dominate in our work: regular updates, flexibility towards changes, progress measured by software functionality, technological excellence and UI/UX Design expertise.

What we can do for you
our works
Crypto Wallet
Secure Way to Store and Transact Digital Funds
Fintech Blockchain iOS Android

Crypto Wallet is a proven and highly recommended solution to buy and store bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. The app offers vital and most complete services for users’ crypto currencies. It simplifies and secures the way users buy and store digital currency

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Stay Connected with Your Family & Friends
Social iOS Android

Fameelee is a leading safety product that let users accurately locate and stay in touch with their family and friends. This GPS tracker app is the best solution for those users who want to know the exact location of kids, friends or peers and stay calm

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Adonis Medical App
Consult and Book Your Online Appointment
Medical iOS Android

Adonis is a great way to get a professional medical consultation or book your appointments with doctors super easy. Enter your symptoms, request a consultation and instantly get a reply from your therapist with the detailed information for your personal case

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Blockchain for New Generation of Manufacturing
Supply Chain Blockchain iOS Android

Constellation is a Blockchain-technology based solution for the manufacturing process administration. It allows to control end-to-end movements of all manufactured goods, eliminate fraud and counterfeit, track and trace product history

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